Thursday, March 1, 2012

Calendar Catch Up

I spent about an hour yesterday putting items on my calendar for the next few months.  I don't have an electronic one... I print out pages for free and put it together in a nice folder with brads so I can carry other papers around also with it and keep many months.  I just flipped back the other day and gave someone a date of something that happened last spring!  It's helpful to have those back months!  Anyhow... it was part of finishing tasks as I had 4 lists in there of dates to put on the calendar.  Then, I took another list and typed up notes.  And finally, I printed my grocery lists for March and filled them out (partially).  Today, I am going to finalize one of the lists (the other I did finish and actually did the shopping this morning!) with recipes so that I am all planned out for the month.  Then on Saturday, my cooking friends and I will make our March freezer meals.  I have really come to depend on them!  What was I doing before?  I swear we were eating the same things OVER and OVER!  Now I am trying new recipes!  Woohoo!  The things that I find entertaining!  Anyway, for now the calendar is up-to-date and there are some more papers I need to go through from there to finish off my tasks for my various committees, but for now... lunch!  Happy Thursday!

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