Friday, March 16, 2012

Working toward a goal...

"Um, guys... do you know that I made a New Year's Resolution? Actually, I am making 52 resolutions in 52 weeks.  What does that have to do with you? Well, I've included you in this week's resolution.  And in last week's resolution that I am doing this week."

And one car is almost done... it just needs some wiping down tomorrow afternoon. It was vacuumed and WOW doesn't it just make a big difference in how nice it feels.  Both cars have been cleaned out.  This occurred following the book for Spring Break conversation.  College boy was the toughest sell as he brought home school reading, but I pointed out the benefits to reading for enjoyment.  NOT SURE HE BOUGHT IN.  Teen boy is the kind of kid that buys himself an E-reader and that you have to take books from to punish him.  He has 5 books on his shelf to read over break.  He's spent the week re-reading the Hunger Games series in preparation to see the movie.  LRHB is going to finish reading the Henry and Mudge series.  He has fallen behind on his monthly reading chart due to illness, but is inspired by the idea of reading the "whole series!"  I am also going to surprise him with a book/movie program for the mom-read time over break... I just need to figure one out.  Happy Saturday!

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