Monday, July 30, 2012

TV Watching & Book Reading

I read Redeeming Love in 5 days.  It was for our Bible Study summer reading program.  It was fantastic.  I couldn't put it down!  Nearly 500 pages and I read it in 5 days.  Then I passed it along and she read it super fast too!  I cannot wait to get together next week to discuss this book with my gals!  It had romance, history, parts that made me cry, parts that made me angry, parts that made me laugh.  So going to be talking about this book fore a long time!

Then I finished the romances by Janet Evanovich when I read Foul Play.  At least I think that is it.  It was cute, romantic, corny and just the break I needed after mopping the hardwood floors in my house.  All of them.  Then I kicked back and read.

I haven't been reading as many books as of late because I have been watching my shows.  Getting caught up and in some cases just deciding to not watch them.  I wanted to get the shows finished because the OLYMPICS were starting and I wanted to make sure there was enough room on my DVR to get all of the shows.  Well, I have enough room, but I've decided that I could make this a full time occupation and still not be able to watch what I want.  So I am going to watch what I like best... swimming.  Then if I have more time, I really like the woman's gymnastics (of course, who doesn't).  Then I will watch Misty & Kerri and beach volleyball as well as women's soccer. 

I've also been reading some other blogs.  And I know now why no one reads mine.. I'm not a very good writer.  It's okay, though!  I think reading me isn't so much about reading good stuff, but rather having a conversation with me whenever you want!  And I'm okay with that!  But some of the blogs I've got on the side are good.  Some are like mine, like having a conversation with that person.  But some are really, really good.  Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chat of the week...

Everywhere I go, everyone is talking about how the summer is just about over.  I just feel like SCREAMING!  I know it is almost over... does it HAVE TO DOMINATE EVERY CONVERSATION?  I'm not like most of the moms I know.  I don't think there has EVER been a first day of school that I didn't cry, out of sadness not joy.  I miss my brood.  And nothing brings home that they are growing up any plainer than the start of a new school year.  I get that they are only mine for a little while, my job is to grow them up to leave me.  But each new school year is like a slap in the face.  So for now, when we meet, can we just talk about the weather because I'm crying now and I may just burst into tears when you mention school.  Thursday.  In three weeks, all three will be in school.

Monday, July 23, 2012

WEEK 30...

Today I was sitting in Dr. Ahhhhh's office, reading a Good Housekeeping magazine when I read an article about routines. (I call him Dr. Ahhhhh because when we leave, we seem more relaxed... ahhhhh).  Some routines make us feel good and some not so good.  It mentioned a woman that hated her morning commute until she got audio books to listen to - changing her dreaded routine to one of pleasure.  As we are wrapping up summer around here and getting ready for school, it got me thinking about my routines... my morning routine specifically.  I tend to run late.  One reason is those silly computer games.  Much progress has been made in that area, but those games are just one reason.  I really don't have much of a morning routine and I am thinking that getting one would improve my life and my kids lives, too.  You might need a better nighttime routine... I worked on that one a couple years ago when I was having trouble sleeping.  Getting a better nighttime routine improved my sleeping, so I highly recommend it for better sleeping.  Another one could be that your children or teens need a better bedtime routine... one lady I read about had a great evening routine with her kids, but not her husband while another had a great routine for the baby, but not the toddler.  Perhaps it is your fixing dinner routine that needs tweaking.  As I am looking around my life, I could fix many, many routines.  But this week I am just going to focus on one... that morning one.  Because school will be here sooner than I'd like to admit and if I need to change their morning routine, too, I might need the extra weeks between now and then to fix us both.  Good luck and happy Monday!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Círculo de Lectores - Book Club

Style, Sex and Substance, 10 Catholic Women Consider the Things that Really Matter edited by Hallie Lord was our Late June/Early July Bible Study Book Club read and it was a great choice.  Entertaining blogs by Catholic women that gave me bits to laugh about and bits to consider as well.  I find that when I enjoy a book that I've read, I can tell how much I enjoy it by how much time I spend sharing about it after.  I've become The Reading Promise disciple sharing every place I encounter parents this amazing tale of devoted parenthood and the power of reading.  I sent copies of The Girls from Ames to my girls from Burke.  And last night, I was recalling some of Style... to my mom recounting the blog about what Mary would look like today (this after mom told me she didn't care how commercialized Lourdes, France was, she wanted to go there and I said so go).

If you are a Catholic woman, I would HIGHLY recommend this book!  It has chapters about style, marriage, girlfriends, motherhood, being single... so something for everyone.  It is an easy read... you could read just a couple blogs, put it away and come back later to read a couple more.  I couldn't find it at the Library, so if you want to borrow my copy, let me know and I'd be more than happy to get it to you.

If you are a Catholic man, check out this blog: about a dude that read it and his take on the whole thing.  Ladies, do not panic about the title; you too should read it and find out why it is so titled.

I have a feeling as I encounter more of my Catholic friends as the summer wraps up and we return to school, I'll be sharing my delight in this book with them.  Happy Reading!

Less is More...

Recently I posted a response on FB to a friend that was having trouble with her boys listening.. I commented that it was going around and finally, I had Hero Daddy step in to discipline the LRHB and that it was helping.  A lot.  First, as it turns out, Hero Daddy is an ember... slow to burn but when he catches fire, WATCH OUT!  Second infraction results in no Xbox for 6 months. Do the math... that would be into the year 2013!  So, at this point, LRHB is viewing Hero Daddy as the bad guy and I'm getting more cooperation... I said more, not a lot more.  Hmmm.  Then I read the following blog:

I began thinking about what she wrote... and I thought oh no, he'd be arguing about the bear.  Then I remembered the incident about 2 weeks ago where I saw lightening at the pool and ordered him out and  promptly left the pool area.  Now, the guards hadn't seen it, they didn't blow the whistle, but HE LISTENED.  He got out of the pool area and left with me with no complaint.  I do feel like my days are spent in a constant debate with him.  So I am going to remember that sometimes, less is more.  Less patience, more obedience

In spite of the mouthiness, I do not think the following thought, "I cannot wait until school starts."  That just doesn't even come to me in the worst of moments (being kicked by the 7 year old while enduring a migraine headache... which was when I brought Hero Daddy in resulting in being pelted by two dozen nerf gun darts thrown - not shot - at me.).  In spite of the difficult moments, I LOVE SUMMER!  I have less than 4 weeks left in this summer... the last summer of Teen Boy the high schooler.  Next summer, college boy will be applying to medical schools... life is passing so quickly... to all good paths but nevertheless, passing quickly.  Breathe deep and be thankful that you have another X number of weeks of summer because it will be gone in the blink of an eye.  Less is more.  Less time, more enjoyment.  Less chores, more games.  Less stress, more relaxation.  Well, 3 out of 4 ain't bad!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dumping Time Wasters... a new resolution

This week it is all about finding and dumping a time waster in your life.  Now, I am sure we have plenty of time wasting habits in our day-to-day life.  I usually hear about them around Ash Wednesday.  "I'm giving up Facebook" or "I'm turning my phone off when I'm home" or "I'm not texting my friends when my kids are up"  are some examples I hear of friends that give these habits up at Lent and often have picked them back up by summer.  I'm thinking I could give up all three and still have a long way to go to winning Mother of the Year. 

I am a game junkie.  (yes, I am a game junkie with my kids, but that isn't what I am talking about here... that is good bonding time, I'm talking time wasting gaming)  Hearts and Spider Solitaire on the computer are my weaknesses.  I used to also do Mahjong on the computer, but I am very proud to say that I gave that up at the beginning of the year when Hero Daddy set up the computer so that we all have our own log-in homes and I started my games over again.  But, I am embarrassed to admit that I have played nearly 600 games of Hearts and over 700 games of Spider Solitaire.  Most of that has been this spring/summer!  Remember back in the winter when I was cleaning out stuff and reorganizing etc.  That was time I previously spent on these time wasting games.  I love my reading and TV time, but I have work to do too.  And I avoid it by playing just one game (of each!).  Which of course turns into more than one game and before I know it, I've used up my FB time or my check email time so those things still need to get done.  And it is probably why I run late!  (for a funny read and solution to tardy-mom syndrome, try reading this blog: )

Now, I'm a mite bit ashamed of those numbers and I am going to eliminate playing them because I cannot play just one.  What's your habit?  Read the paper far too long?  Too many blogs?  Too much FB time?  I mean, when do people find time to look at all those YouTube videos or find all those quirky sayings?  I'm just sayin.  I am pretty good about getting on email or FB, checking the news, and moving on.  But I'm not good about those dumb games.   I felt awesome when I had given them up... I will feel that awesome feeling again later this week! 

Summertime part 2

More I love about Summertime...

Karaoke at LuLu's frozen yogurt on a Sunday night with my friends, my kids friends and my kids.  Love it!  Bingo at LuLu's on a Tuesday night!  Such fun!

Playing games in the middle of the day, just because.

Reading books.  Pretty sure I mentioned it before, but worth another mention.  I read a 500 page book in 5 days.  Now I'm just bragging, but I don't care.

Sangria.  Thanks JB for bunco hosting and supplying such a delicious beverage!

Hanging by the pool with my summer friends.  The ones that live all over the city but converge at swim practices or swim lessons each summer as predictible as the moths that arrive each spring.

Falling asleep to the rumble of thunder.  At night or in the middle of the day.  Both work!

Going to the beach.  Much harder to do in my landlocked state than it was when I lived on the coast, but as I watch family members go to the shore and see pictures, it is a reason I love summertime.  The crashing of the waves over my head.  Walks on the beach.  Watching kids build sand castles or bury themselves/each other.  Ahhhh.  Summertime.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I was thinking about how the summer is coming quickly to an end for us and how much I love the crazy days of summer and how sad I am each year it ends.  And I decided I needed to share HOW MUCH I LOVE SUMMER!

Some years, we vacation at the beginning of the summer and that has its advantages... no one else on vacation on June 1st.  Most years we vacation at the end of summer and I can't wait until that comes this summer as it has been nearly 6 months since I've seen my mommy, longer since seeing my daddy.  (Yeah, that makes me sound 6 and I don't care.)  But as much as I am looking forward to it, I am so sad because when we return, school starts THE NEXT DAY for the LRHB and College Boy.  See, College Boy has to go back early as he is going to be an RA and they have training and stuff.  Way too early, if you ask me, but of course no one asked me.  Okay, so I am in the usual summer quandary of can't wait for it to get here and it coming up WAY too QUICKLY!  In fact, my sweet LM is leaving for 2 weeks this week and it seemed like it was just January and we were talking about it.  Ugh.

Why I Love Summer... by me.

Lazy afternoons reading.
Early morning summer swim team.  There's just something about Summer Club that is FUN!
Weekly summer meets.
Grilling yummy veggies.  Up today, more cauliflower on the grill and shrimp!
Going to the pool with friends.  My friends.  College Boy and his Charming GF playing in the water with LRHB.  Being with my daughter and her other mother.  Being with friends from the 'hood.
NO HOMEWORK!  If only that were true, but here it is a full month before school starts and Teen Boy has finished!
No School Meetings.  In fact this is a source of stress for me as I am supposed to be having school meeting this summer and I am an ostrich with my head in the sand about this topic.
Lazy afternoons reading at the pool.
So You Think You Can Dance.
Watching TV with my kids.  You see, most of the year, I watch it by myself or with Hero Daddy.
Summer Book Club.  Both the mommy/kid one and the bible study summer book club group (that totally refreshes my spirit).
Sunshine and being HOT and tan and wearing sandals.

Why do you love summer?  Now, I'm headed to... read.  Followed by grilling.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Last week it was give up soda (27).  Accomplished.  Sort of.  I mean, what is it about summer that screams grab a soda?  Anyhow, I am back to NOT drinking it at home and NOT making rootbeer floats.  Because a rootbeer float every once in a while is okay.  Daily?  Not so much.

This week, it is make a chore chart(28).  For myself.  For my kids.  That's all I got now.

Apparently I like Blogging about....BOOKS!

So, the other day I asked for feedback about 50 Shades of Grey.  I got nothing.  Thanks folks!  I am guessing that it means, that no one is out there reading me which I have decided is JUST FINE!  I BLOG for ME!

I posted that on Saturday.  On Sunday, I received a notification from the Library that 50 Shades... had come in for me to download to my Nook.  On Monday, another friend dropped the book off at my house.  And today, a swim mom told me that she read all 3 books in the series in 6 days.  So, I think that I WILL be reading it.  Up next.  Right after I clean some bathrooms, the kitchen and read Teen Boys summer books.  I guess that isn't really next, huh.

Also about books... Remember way back at Spring Break when I challenged my kids to choose a book to read, and College Boy started a novel, but then moved onto his text books and med school planning book.  However, he came home this summer and picked up the Hunger Games trilogy and plowed through it and has moved onto read other books on his shelf that he never took the time to slow down and enjoy.  YAHOO!  LOVE READING FOR PLEASURE!

As I already mentioned, Teen Boy has finished his Summer Reading for school and is working on his homework assignments associated with it.  GOOD JOB KEEPING THE SUMMER CONTRACT!

LRHB, well, I think his summer contract may have been a little ambitious.  Would I like him journalling more, yes!  Do I feel he need to be working on the math, a little!  Is he doing either?  Not so much.  BUT, he is reading!  And we're reading!  Together!  And on Friday, our little summer reading group will be here to chat and watch the movie.  Hooray for friends enjoying books with friends!

And while I am on this BOOK TOPIC (again!),  Evanovich romances have been devoured by me!  Love Overboard and Manhunt.  Both cute.  BUT, I am ready for a change.  So the last romance is going back on the list and I am moving on to other things.  (35 books read!).

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Books and Reading and Discovery

Return to Rose Cottage, the book that I told you I was going to read in spite of the great difficulty I had reading the first 2 installments in the series... I bailed.  I started it.  But I didn't even care enough to skip to the end and read that.  It was just not for me and I couldn't do it.  After all, it's not like I had to read it for school. 

On the subject of reading for school, my sci-fi, adventure loving boy has to read The Help for school and Kite Runner.  So, I will also be picking those up and reading them to empathize with Teen Boy as he struggles through deep South lingo like Law (Lord).  Yes, that made me laugh when he recounted his difficulty in figuring it out.  So I am headed into that to support him.  Just as soon as I finish the romance novel I am reading. 

So what have I been reading if not Return to Rose Cottage?  Well, I read Wife for Hire and The Naughty Neighbor, both by Evanovich.  I have 3 more of her romances on my Nook and then I think I am done with those and will be moving back to the Stephanie Plum series.  I also read The Unexpected Husband by Debbie Macomber.  It is a 2-1 book, with 2 of her older stories, updated and reprinted.  Lovely, really enjoyable.  So, those of you keeping count... I've now read 33 books!

Let me ask you, EVERYONE seems to be talking about 50 Shades of Grey/Gray.  Have you read it?  Will you read it?  Advice?  Opinions?  I am waiting for it from the library... 

UPDATE:  Found this little nugget. (link below)  Interesting thing is I learned about this book at my Catholic Moms Night Out.  I cannot wait to bring it up next time we meet and see where everyone ended up.  Did they read or not?