Sunday, October 25, 2015

On this Day

On this day, I am spending my Sunday afternoon catching up on blogs and blogging.  Though mostly the former, less of the latter.  I have neglected them, you know them, my blogger friends that for the most part I have never met.  I haven't been caught up on their lives.  It must be fate because I found out really happy news for one writer (; I have been following her since shortly after her son died and feel that her book speaks such truth about mourning.

I caught up on another friend that posted with such optimism in August about the upcoming homeschooling year and has reached the place that all of us that work in brick and mortar schools have reached.  It can be a lonely place of frustration that we are not further along and perhaps even boredom of certain subjects.  It really shouldn't be lonely, however since many of us have the same truth.

I even read about some scripture to inspire my faith life and has actually given me a plan for Lent (I know, right! it is exciting!).

On this day I say to you, I am not choosing a new area of life to improve each week and will not get very far in my 52 resolutions this year.  I will say that I am still a work in progress, as is my home, and I will continue to work for self-improvement, sharing my growth as I go.  My truth is that there will not be 52 resolutions, but that I enjoy my life each and every day to the fullest.  Having attended a funeral for the father of a young boy on my son's baseball team, isn't that the most important work we can do?