Thursday, February 21, 2013

Books: 11-14 and I'm almost caught up...

I know I said I was going back to the Stephanie Plum series, but I am just so HOOKED on the Susan Mallery series about Fool's Gold.  I read the final 4 books to bring me up to date in the series and waiting for new books this summer.  I also read 2 of the three novellas also about the characters in that town.  Sigh.  Some more sighing.  Okay, yes, she is a bit too detailed in her sex scenes, however, her characters are the kind that I would want to be my friends.  I know there is a Fool's Gold webpage to keep up to date with the characters, but I just think that may make me a bit too crazy.  Anyway, I have a HUGE stack of books waiting for me and I think I'll be venturing back to the nonfiction side for a little while.  A little dose of reality coming my way.  Happy Reading!

Long Weekend Fun

I am taking advantage of the SNOW DAY to catch up a bit on my blogging... and my reading, too!

Last weekend, the long President's weekend, our College Boy couldn't come home so we went up to spend Sunday afternoon and evening with him.  We went to dinner at this place I found looking through the school's website, opened just a week ago by an Alumni.  It features meatballs.  Only meatballs.  You can get them on bread, salad or pasta.  You can get six different kinds of meatballs with hot or cold sauces.  It was actually pretty good!  This is a guy hoping that his meatballs are the next burrito explosion.  Of course I had mapped it out on the computer before leaving home.  As sure as I was that I could get us there, it was a good thing I'd sent the link to Teen Boy so that he could get us found and safely to the restaurant.

Then CB and LRHB played some ping pong while I read and Teen Boy tried to fix some things on CB's computer.   Then we went to church with CB on campus.  Apparently the priest from last year retired and there has been a Brother and different visiting priests this year.  Sunday night was a visiting Brother, a visiting Priest and a visiting Sister.  We sat up front which can be an adventure with the LRHB especially someplace new.  I might add it is the only row with permanent wooden, not at all padded kneelers.  Which we got to use.  The priest was a singing priest; I thought he might sing the Gospel, but we were spared.  I have now decided as much as I like singing in church, I'm not a big fan of singing prayers and responses.  Nor, please dear Lord, do not strike me down, was I a fan of the Sister who sang the responsorial psalm, not in key or at least not in the same key each verse.  I'd like to say the homily spoke to me, but I was distracted by LRHB who was distracted by a lone ant crawling across the tile floor.  I am glad that during Lent, I got to go to church with my College boy, in spite of it all.  And we managed to keep LRHB from killing the ant.  Back up in the dorm room, we played games until we hit the local Ben & Jerry's for dessert before heading home.  It was fun!

I'm not sure what else we did over the long weekend.  Teen Boy was gone playing in a State Band until late Saturday.  Hero Daddy and I had DATE NIGHT following Teen Boy's return.  Friday night Hero Daddy had his friend over in the basement while I had my friends over upstairs and LRHB watched a movie with his friends.  Yummy margaritas!  We all read.  We watched TV.  We cleaned.  Sunday was definitely the highlight!

Our Lenten Journey

I went looking for an article from last year that I had book marked "40 Ways for 40 Days", however I couldn't find it much to my irritation and dismay.  I've been working with Teen Boy to clean up my computer to make it run better and to be a more useful tool.  Perhaps I should have him remove the computer games, too.  I digress... Lent began a week ago and I decided that during this Lenten Journey we'd learn more about the Saints.  So far, however, I've done a lot of research and not a lot of teaching.  What I discovered I do know about the Saints could fit in a thimble.  However, Rome wasn't built in a day and my resolution for Lent isn't about learning EVERYTHING its about learning SOMETHING.  About preparing.  In my research, I came across this article:

I think it really does help us realize that our Lenten journey is what we make of it, not what our neighbor is making of it.  So, our Lenten journey shall include some cooking together and celebration of Saints as well as prayer.  I hope again to make this a 40 step journey for us.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I've been reading...

I took the book with me to baseball practice (yes, baseball practice in mid-February) and from room to room with me over the last week and finally finished little princes by Conor Grennan.  It was a recommended read from a favorite blogger, Momastery, and reminds me a great deal of Kisses for Katie in that someone made a life choice that led to another and another changing their life.  However, Conor is a bit more, hmmm, balanced maybe.  You read and you decide.  It's a great book as is Kisses for Katie.  So read both and let me know if you get what I'm talking about.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I discovered as I was reading through my blog (does that sound odd?  I think it does, but it helps me remember where I've been, where I'm at), I discovered that I missed telling you about a book.  I've picked up the next several books in the Janet Evanovich series about Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter.  I've finished book 9 and then had to wait and wait for 10 which finally came in.  As soon as I finish the nonfiction read I'm into, 10, 11 and 12 are waiting!  I love these books!  Yes, they are completely fictional and no one could have luck like hers, but oh I enjoy this series!

Preparing for Lent

I am preparing for Lent today.  I have decided that this family doesn't know enough about the Feast Days or Saints so I am going to be incorporating things to educate in these areas during Lent.  But because all good journeys require planning, that's what I'm doing today.  As I went to my go-to site for Catholic things, I discovered a give away.  By mentioning it here on my blog, I think I get entered to the drawing for it twice.  And if I don't win, this year, I'm getting one of these fabulous aprons for Mother's Day for myself because I've discovered that using an apron helps keep my clothes clean.  Yes, it was an epiphany for me, what can I say!

Resolution #5

Clean out your wallet.  You know how many Starbucks cards I had in my wallet?  4.  Seriously.  If they are registered on the Starbucks site (and why wouldn't you register them so you can reap free benefits), you can actually transfer all of the 90 cent balances to your favorite card and toss the rest.  I found out that I am due a free froyo the next time I go.  And I had a Panera Card with money on it I gave my hubby since it is his week to buy bagels.  Clean out your wallet/purse and you don't know what you'll find! 

Sadly, I didn't find any extra twentys, but I am pretty excited about sliming down my wallet and ditching the extra stuff that I don't need.  Next time I'm at the liquor store, I'll ask him to combine the two cards I have working towards a discount.  And I remembered that I have my Chick-fil-A card which will get me a free large drink this month... drive thru here I come!  If you found something unexpected in your wallet while cleaning it out, I'd LOVE to hear about it!

Resolution #4

As you know, life was a bit of a roller coaster ride last month.  I haven't started back to the gym, but I have been making sure that I stay healthy.  One way I've been doing that is with an Arbonne product, Energy Fizz sticks.  I mix one stick in about 16 oz of water, not 8 oz as recommended on the package and have been drinking 2-3 a day.  It has caffeine in it, so I have to finish them earlier in the day than I have been.  It is full of B-vitamins, potassium, antioxidents and chromium (which aids in weightloss and preventing osteoporosis).  It is the only reason I can figure out that everyone else in my house got the flu (the short version thanks to the flu shot) and I DID NOT.  At least, I didn't get it with them.  I could, of course, still get it, but they came down with it boom, boom, boom, three in three days.  It's been more than a week and I didn't get it from them.  So, here's my resolution... implement a vitamin plan that makes sense for you.

For me, it is using the energy fizz sticks.  It might be adding calcium or a multi for you.  Blue?  Add St. John's wort, maybe, after chatting with your doctor about it.  Cause, I've got no medical background.  All I've got is what is working for me and I'm sharing that.  Good luck!

Resolution #3

Last year I had trouble keeping track of my resolutions, so this year I am going with the straight in your face title so I know what's what!

Change one thing about your diet.  Just one.  We all can make one change... it might be changing from white pasta to whole wheat pasta (not me) or 4 cups of coffee a day to 2 cups of coffee and 2 cups of water.  My big change is to eat ONE serving of dinner.  Portion control will help slim me down and set a great example for my kids.  I'm sure this will be a work in progress, some days better than others, but this is my goal.  LRHB is striving for 5 and going for 120% calcium before choosing a junky snack.  Teen boy doesn't know it, but he's giving up soda in a week or so.  My soda stash started dwindling and then I found the cans in his trash can in his room.  So that's us... how about you?  Can you make one change to your diet?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's been filling my spare time... BOOKS!

Oh, you know I love my books!  And I've held a sick child in my arms for days and nights.  I've spend hours on planes and in airports and at my in-laws where there were no chores for me to do.  I've discovered a new series and I LOVE it.   Because I mostly read series two years ago, before I started blogging, you may not know I find them addicting (Debbie Macomber - 12 series that year).   I love getting involved in series for the continuity of characters; they become like a family to me.  Or a soap opera.  I've been reading the Fools Gold Romances by Susan Mallery.  I've read the first 6 books in the series and I've got 3 more to read along with 3 novellas.  And this summer, 3 more will come out!  Now, let me be clear.  If Janet Evanovich's romances are G rated and Debbies are G/PG, Susan's are "R" RATED.  I skip 2-4 pages of details that I do not need to enjoy the tale; it's just not necessary for me, just saying.  So, if you want to try these books out, be prepared.  But, oh the characters are delightful and ones I would be happy to meet and befriend.   

Monday, February 4, 2013

Life... One Day at a Time

This message is brought to you by the sick children in my home which meant I couldn't begin my Bible Study group this morning. 

My life was put into a tailspin about 10 days ago when within hours of each other, my aunt and my best friend's mother died.  So I've flown across the country, been to wakes and a funeral, flown home, done a wake and funeral and each day after returning home last week, one of my guys has come down with the flu.  I'm waiting.  Just waiting.

With them down, I've discovered I really depend on them to help around the house.  Right now it is just me and with caring for them and doing all of the chores, I am a tired girl!  Really makes me appreciate them.

The 10 days prior to that I worked LIKE CRAZY as we had staff members out, out, out and a special staff person leaving so I was covering for training and such.  The good part was I kept saying YES to helping out.  So when I had to be gone, my team stepped up for me!  I really love my job even if it is interfering with my blogging and lunch dates.  Making myself laugh.

So, I promise, I will get back to you on the resolutions that I've been working on.  And I promise, I will update you on the 7 books I've read.  And I promise that I am coming up with a Lenten plan.  I just wanted to stop off today and say Have a GREAT week and live each day fully!  Time for Lego Soccer!