Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Book 34

When I posted about books, I thought I was missing one.  I was!  I read The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida.  This was his story of what it is like to live with Autism.  I highly recommend this easy read for anyone.  It provides insight into what he experiences and why he acts the way he does.  I work with students with Autism.  I know I am going to be a better aide because of reading this book.  And I actually reread parts that I could see affecting my students.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mom musings...

My youngest is 10 & 12 years younger than his brothers.  The Good Lord knew that I wouldn't be ready in August 2013 to be an empty-nester so he sent us the LRHB.  One of my biggest concerns is that I will raise him less than the others.  That I will be "too tired" to follow through.  However, as I read the article below, I realized that I am still right on track.  Nothing like a little early morning affirmation.

It is funny that I should read this and be pondering this subject after a conversation I had this weekend.  "When you get back to the middle school you are going to go back to being the president of the PTA aren't you?"  My negative response was greeted not with respect for having already done that job for more years than one body should.  "Why not!?"  Ugh.  Cause some things I will do differently.  I will always believe in volunteering, I just may show my children that there are more paths than just one to accomplish a giving goal.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Resolution 24

Reach out of your comfort zone and talk to someone.  Perhaps you are at odds with a family member.  Perhaps you've just dropped the ball with a friend.  Perhaps you are inspired by the following blog:

A few months ago, we were having a conversation at work about at what age do you take a child to a viewing/funeral/memorial service.  The age old question about to take or not to take a smaller child that could be a little loud or ask the "wrong" question.  The concern being that the young one might distract from the occasion.  Can I tell you that EVERYONE there is hoping for a distraction from the pain, sadness, disappointment.  What better reminder could there be about LIFE than a pint-sized angel doing their little bit too loud thing in church?  I've taken my babies, toddlers and children to all of the above.  My LRHB attended two services for teens that he knew and one for a baby that was stillborn.  He's nine.  What was I supposed to do?  Hide my pain, sadness disappointment from him?  What does that teach him?  It teaches him that grief should be carried out behind closed doors.  No, that's not me.  I show up.  I crawl into the beds of the deceased with their momma and tell her over and over that he knew she loved him.  That's what I want him to know.  That we show up.  It may be uncomfortable and sad, but that is one part of life.  We make it better just by being there over and over and over.  It is okay to talk about the ones that have gone on.  So if you ask me when is the right age to take a child to a service, I will tell you that today is the right age.  

Resolution 23

Minimizing and Organizing

This time it pertains to my email account.  I have folders to keep my emails organized.  However, I actually rarely clean them out.  I had emails about Christmas gifts from 2007.  It was time consuming.  It helped that it was pouring rain outside and that LRHB was camped in front of a movie.  I was inspired by Teen Boy cleaning out his email that was more than 1000 messages. Although I have no idea how many emails were dispersed into folders, I began the day with 27 folders.  In one, I removed monthly bill statements that began in 2010, keeping only the statements from this year.  I now have only 15 folders.  I eliminated 75% or more of every folder except for the one that has pictures that have been emailed to me.  That folder sits at nearly 100 pictures dating back to 2007.  They can stay there for now.  

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Resolution 22

I mentioned that I am working on Resolutions designed to minimize clutter, maximize organization and keep my family safer.  Along those lines, I have been taking steps to keep my family safer on the computers.

I have updated all of my passwords.  Well, except for the one I couldn't figure out and Teen Boy wasn't home to help me.  I've had that same password since 1997.  Seriously.  Most other places make you update them more regularly.  I have all of my passwords in a place where both Teen Boy and College Boy know how to find them.  

When was the last time you updated/changed passwords?  And could someone access your accounts in case of an emergency?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Resolution 21

It is the summer and it generally means, a bit more down time or around the house time for me.  Of course that time is spent dusting a couple times a week to rid my non-air conditioned home of pollen and washing pool towels (because they drag them and ick, I guess it is a thing for me).  I have been doubling up on my Resolutions (or trying my best to) and they are a lot about what I think needs to be done and less about changing my life.  However, each time I get something done, my life is a bit better, less cluttered, more organized, perhaps even safer. 

So Resolution 21 falls into the latter category.  Instead of changing the batteries in the smoke detectors one at a time when the annoying beeping commences about 11:30 pm, I have gone through the house and changed all of the batteries.  I'm not expecting my house to burn down, but they have all been changed and the smoke detectors all work.  I know that I am supposed to change them every six months which isn't really six months because the "turn the clock back/forward" changes are not actually every six months. So, that really doesn't work for my brain.  When we celebrate the 4th of July next summer, it will be a reminder to change the batteries again.  After all, with the improvements made to batteries, they truly last more than a year, not merely six months.  And this is a plan with which I can work.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Resolution 20

You know I am a big fan of staying hydrated and drinking enough water.  I live in arid conditions so this is especially important.  While doing some reading for an online class, I read that most people WAKE UP DEHYDRATED.  So my newest resolution is to drink 8-16 oz of water each morning BEFORE coffee and breakfast.  If I start running again in the mornings, it will be in addition to the water I drink to offset the work-out.  


I finished the stand alone romances that Susan Mallery has written.  I think that I may have been a bit critical of these books when I last wrote, but this one, Sweet Success was well written, original with complex characters.  I couldn't put it down, delving into it at the pool, in the evenings and even while just waiting for stuff to happen.  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Resolution #19

Recently I have found myself a bit frustrated with my children.  I know we have had conversations regarding my expectations this summer.  However, I didn't pull out the contracts from last year and put them into place.  MY MISTAKE.  Without putting it in black and white and posting it for them to see every time they go into the cabinet for a glass, my comments fall on deaf ears.  

Now, you might be thinking that July 10th might be a bit late in the summer to invoke the contract.  Not so, my friends.  My kiddos have 5 more weeks of summer vacation and my nieces and nephews have up to two more weeks after that (just an example of how much longer summer breaks may be lasting).  

Tomorrow morning is Friday July 11th, and we are having a
COMIN' TO JESUS talk tomorrow about expectations.  Respecting boundaries (LRHB) and planning for the upcoming school year (Teen Boy) are also on the agenda for discussion tomorrow.  
If you are feeling frustrated that your comments, requests and desires are falling on deaf ears, I suggest that you greet your people with homemade waffles and a contract in the  morning.  I

31 - 32

I love a good Debbie Macomber story and I was double delighted with Marriage Between Friends.  It was two stories of friendship that blossomed into more.  Now, these are re-released tales of her earlier years and the stories are not as complex, nor are the characters.  But both are original (imo) and the characters are not blah.  It was a perfect summer read for me.