Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break is FUN!

Who says you have to travel to have a great Spring Break?  Me, usually, that's who.  However, we are quite enjoying our Stay-cation!  Monday was a trip to Denver with the LRHB to the Zoo with Aunty and Uncle Spoilers followed by dinner at Casa Bonita with College Boy, too.  What do I mean by Aunty and Uncle Spoilers?  Yeah, they're the kind of doting people that spend too much money on a sword that you buy at the dinner table from someone walking around - a sword that lights up and makes ridiculous noises.  Just the kind of thing that a 7 yr old LOVES and drives a momma crazy!  Yeah, that's them.  They also thought it was a crime that my first 2 had never been to Chuck E Cheeses so they took them out there one night.  Spoilers, that's what they are and I love 'em for it!  On Tuesday, LRHB and I spent 3 or so hours at the park with Dr. A and sweet LM followed by a trip to the pool.  I brought my sunscreen with me and shared it all around.  Too band I didn't actually use it on myself.  Wednesday, I thought it best to stay inside (with my super red face) so it was off to ZUMBA and then sweet LM and I took the kiddos to see The Lorax (not 3-d).  SO CUTE!  Totally recommend it!!  Yes, my first trip back to Zumba in over 2 months and I had to still be careful with how I placed my left foot.  So exhausting and SO. MUCH. FUN!  Today, LRHB and Hero Daddy went fishing and did fishing prep work (how come when HD says let's go to Walmart, LRHB goes willingly?  Is it really because he likes to buy worms or what?).  Teen Boy and I headed to the theater to see Hunger Games.  It is totally my next read.  When I finish the 3 (yes I have 3 started now!) I already am reading.  Tomorrow, LRHB and Hero Daddy are headed out-of-town fishing so although I have cleaning to do, I am thinking I will be reading, reading, reading.  It is my vacation, too!

BTW, I read a few other blogs, that are listed on the right.  Some don't post too often, but when they do, I just love it.  However, I have been following Momastery and today's was a LOL blog about parent-teacher conferences.  I recommend it for a hearty chuckle!  Happy Thursday!

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