Friday, November 21, 2014

Resolution 30

Talk to your kids about risky behaviors.  

As August rolls around, the beginning of another school year, I am reminded of my friend who lost her son in 2011.  I think of her a lot, but especially in August when it is the anniversary of his accident, the week we prayed for a miracle and the subsequent mourning that happened next.

Watch.  Our sweet boy is one of these.  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Resolution #29 the Reading Promise

As you may or may not remember, I read a book when LRHB was in first grade called The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma.  It struck a chord in me because my youngest was an emergent reader.  I was looking forward to the day when we would read side by side in the evenings, he involved in his story, I in mine.  This book talked about finding a relationship with a parent, a bond, through reading together.  It changed me and it gave me a soapbox from which to preach my epiphany about reading with your children.  I mean, I had already sent two kids off to college, I knew what I was doing.  Apparently I could be doing BETTER!  And I dragged a few friends along for the ride, calling it the Kids Book Club.  The group has evolved, however, we are still reading books to our children and getting together to watch movies.  Okay, they watch the movies and we seek comfort in our friendships.  This year, we've read with our kiddos 9 books (2 series of 3), our best year yet, with one more to come.  I am so proud to have made a reading promise to my son and kept it.  It may not be the same reading promise as Alice and her father, but it is working for us.  I discovered this amazing book is being made into a movie.  I encourage you to read the book and watch the movie!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Book 42

This is another one from the romance series and even has a classic name:  Lured by the Rich Rancher.  It was a bit of levity after the previous story, which is one reason I read these books.  I mean, I like a good book, but sometimes I just want a happy story.  The author, Kathie DeNosky, did a good job of weaving in the other characters from the previous stories.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Book 41

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a coming of age story (what does that mean?).  Rather it is the tale of teens that are making the most of life as they battle cancer.  It came off of the list of books being made this year into movies and in fact was already out in the theaters before I started it (thus gone when I finished it).  I will be getting it off of Redbox, perhaps over the holiday break when I might have time for that sort of thing.  I could barricade myself into my room with a stack of movies, but I don't have a player in my room...

I thought it was a solid book, not fabulous. I mean I can't think every book is fabulous.  I do recommend the book, it is good, sad and funny.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Resolutions #27 & #28

#27  Clean out a bedroom
#28  Clean out a bedroom

So my middle one has a passion for Legos.  But seriously, at some point they begin to take over the room.  Especially since he doesn't live here most of the year anymore.  He had to go through and decide which he was going to continue to display and which he was going to bag up for storage because it was time to downsize the shelving units in his room (I needed them for the play room!).  At the same time, I had to come to the understanding that he has no desire or need for a) jeans, b) long sleeved shirts, or c) clothing that doesn't fit because he no longer swims every day.  Donate, donate, donate!  His room was rearranged as it no longer has bunk beds and seems sparse, but it is the beginning of him moving out.  I haven't had thoughts of what I could do with his room, however, I am contemplating an air mattress for when we have much family here.

The oldest has his own apartment that is no longer room and board free.  Because for the last two years of college, he lived in an apartment on campus, he had some things to go in it, but needed other stuff.  Dressers and end tables he raided from home.  The desk from his bedroom.  While he was moving the stuff he wanted, I had him clear out the other stuff he'd been leaving behind.  Not going to wear ____, great let's donate.  Those are your text books; let's box them and move them to your place.  And once he was done, I've rearranged and made it more of a guest bedroom.  Yes, he can still sleep there, but now he has to share the dresser with the stuff my parents leave here.  And I took down his bulletin board and moved it upstairs to LRHB's room. 

I count this as two resolutions because it was a lot of work and it was two separate areas.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Book 40

Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot was an audio book I checked out of the library on the recommendation of a fellow swim mom.  It was fascinating to learn about this woman who contributed to medical science in such an important way.  To learn about the impact her life had on the world and on her family.  This was a compelling tale and I would definitely recommend it.  I mean, it helps that I love biographies, because the science of it was a bit much for me at times.  However, learning about cells, cool stuff.  I am reconsidering some of the other titles she gave me, though, as this was at times complex stuff.  It is good to get out of your comfort zone, tis true.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Resolutions 25 & 26


I find it ironic that my 25th resolution for this year was (I discovered when I went back to my list) the same resolution I had last year!  This time, the one in the garage just was too much for me to handle!  At some point a soda had exploded in the garage fridge and hadn't gotten cleaned up.  I took the whole thing apart and scrubbed it top to bottom, freezer part too!  I must say, when it is said and done, it is such a feeling of accomplishment!


I have two refrigerators (freezer/fridge) and one full size freezer.  I like to put up freezer meals and buy in bulk.  I have many people to feed from time to time and find that I love having all of these at my disposal (we wouldn't call this minimalist thinking!).  The summer is the best time to clean out the freezer.  I first use up all the stuff that is hidden in it, that one freezer meal no one likes anymore, the apple pie left over from I don't know when and we make smoothies with the frozen fruit I bought thinking I was going to start drinking smoothies for breakfast again this summer (and instead didn't).  Then we unplug and leave it open for it to thaw (because the ice builds up when it gets left open on a semi-regular basis!).  The satisfaction of frost free shelves usually only lasts about a week until someone leaves it open.  again.