Sunday, October 25, 2015

On this Day

On this day, I am spending my Sunday afternoon catching up on blogs and blogging.  Though mostly the former, less of the latter.  I have neglected them, you know them, my blogger friends that for the most part I have never met.  I haven't been caught up on their lives.  It must be fate because I found out really happy news for one writer (; I have been following her since shortly after her son died and feel that her book speaks such truth about mourning.

I caught up on another friend that posted with such optimism in August about the upcoming homeschooling year and has reached the place that all of us that work in brick and mortar schools have reached.  It can be a lonely place of frustration that we are not further along and perhaps even boredom of certain subjects.  It really shouldn't be lonely, however since many of us have the same truth.

I even read about some scripture to inspire my faith life and has actually given me a plan for Lent (I know, right! it is exciting!).

On this day I say to you, I am not choosing a new area of life to improve each week and will not get very far in my 52 resolutions this year.  I will say that I am still a work in progress, as is my home, and I will continue to work for self-improvement, sharing my growth as I go.  My truth is that there will not be 52 resolutions, but that I enjoy my life each and every day to the fullest.  Having attended a funeral for the father of a young boy on my son's baseball team, isn't that the most important work we can do?

Monday, September 28, 2015

From This Moment On...

When I began blogging nearly four years ago, I gave my children nicknames. I don't need someone "googling" their names and having my thoughts poured out attached to them.  But I was a bit short-sighted.  

College Boy graduated.  But I couldn't give him another name. I said I would one day, but it has been over a year and I haven't. He's still in school and for now, we are sticking with College Boy.  

Teen Boy became Tech Boy nearly a year ago.  I am not sure I have referred to him that way, but I found the post where I so named him:

Now my dear sweet LRHB is nearly 11.  He is nearly as tall as I am.  And he kinda picked a new nickname this summer after watching Secretariat.  He is Big Red. He is nearly done with elementary school, so I guess it is time that his nickname reflect who he is, not who he was.  Sad mommy moment realizing that her baby is so grown.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Watching Dreams Come True

I am trying to get back into Sunday afternoon blogging.  It is the time I usually have to myself and I can write several blogs and post them over the week.  Hopefully, I'll be a bit more regular.

When I last wrote, I was hosting Camp Mom.  My LRHB was playing Little League All-Star baseball.  He's not old enough for the group that you see on TV in August (if you watch ESPN or like that kind of thing).  He will be in two years.  We live in a place where the likelihood of advancing to Pennsylvania lies somewhere between slim and none.  But to go to our Regional Tournament, that would be the next dream come true.  I say the next dream come true because this summer, I had the pleasure of watching my boy's dream come true... his team won the state championship.

My kids have had dreams along the way.  We've had great swim meets and they travelled to compete on a national level.  We've competed at the state level for math, spelling, history and geography.  We've attended competitions for music in other states as well as the state level for both band and vocals.  And my boys have been amazing every time, working hard, trying their best and accepting their outcomes.  You might notice that I use the words "we".  Although these have been THEIR moments, I have been the mini-van/chaperone mom right there cheering them on to their victory.  (I have only accommpanied them once out of state for swimming, but I have watched races on the computer!)  I love them and I hope that these journeys that they have taken are special memories in their hearts.  I am sure that these trials and wins have made them into the hardworking adults that they have become, even if I am unwilling to say to them that they are adults, two of them truly are grown men.

However, as amazing as those experiences were, watching his team win the state championship was a moment that exceeded my expectations.  These young men (realize that I would like to call them boys, but what they have accomplished...) worked six days a week for two to three hours a day for three weeks before undertaking two and half weeks of competitions and practices to achieve their goal.  They gave up biking and swimming and hockey and skating and boarding and vacationing and hanging out with friends because these things could (1) injure the player (2) wear out the player so they would be unable to do their best (3) interfere with practice time.  They built new relationships on their way to achieving their goal.  They were mentally and physically tasked to work hard, to sacrifice, to win. And, they did.  They won the district championship after numerous rain outs and delays on fields that were a good ninety minutes from home, making the drive daily for more than a week.  They won the state championship through the losers bracket.  Their first state game was just 34 hours after finishing the district competition, five to six hours from home with their manager arriving about the fifth inning.  It was not a surprise that they lost that game.  But they turned around and won each next game. Winning, winning and winning each evening after practicing each morning, sleeping in a hotel.  My son caught the final out.  He has the game ball and many nights I find him sleeping with it.  His all-star apparrel is his daily choice of clothing.  And my windows are still painted with "State Champions", "#13" and "GO BIG RED".  There is nothing to prepare a momma for watching her son's dream come true.  It was a priveledge, an honor and  a thrill.

I've watched other dreams come true, I am truly blessed.  I've seen two high school graduations and one college graduation, which are great achievements.  The difference I guess is that it never occurred to me that those moments wouldn't happen.  I am hoping for many more dream like moments in my sons' lives.  And I admit I am probably putting more on this baseball thing than it deserves.  But I lived through the angst and work and worry with my boy.  Getting this win, it was amazing.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Life Just Can't Wait

Life just can't wait for me to sit at a computer.  I do not have a laptop or tablet to type up as I spend two hours a morning at the pool deck or two and a half hours at the baseball diamond.  Although I am no longer by the pool deck in the mornings, as LRHB as traded in his Speedo for his Mako bat, I am now running Camp Mom.  This special place is where I spend my day entertaining a kid that wants to be on the go all the time, but must rest so that he can give it his ALL during All-star baseball.  No sitting lazily by the recreation pool while he squirrels away his time playing until the storms roll in each afternoon.  No time to get caught up on writing or reading as I am playing every board game that we own (I'll let you know in the future my opinions on that particular topic!).  We spend mornings watching a movie, afternoons playing games and eating dinner at 4 to head out for the field where the bugs bite and the rain comes and life is alive with the sounds of baseball.

Movies, believe it or not, is the topic of today's post.  We have watched some incredible films, based on true stories, that are inspiring.  I wanted to share them with you.  I get my films at the Library.  I go on, request them and pick them up.  FREE!

  • Glory Road
  • The Greatest Game Ever Played
  • Rudy
  • Invincible
  • Million Dollar Arm
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Eight Below
  • Radio

These movies may not have gotten the same press as movies such as Remember the Titans, Miracle or Hoosiers (which we have watched so many times that we can quote them), but they have the same message of overcoming hardship through perseverance that young people today need to see.  

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Disney Blog Day 5

Day 5 Part 2 Walt Disney World Resort

We arrived at our Wilderness Lodge Resort and found our room ready for us even though we were hours before check-in.  We had chosen a bed with bunks, for my boy and me, and a queen bed, for my parents who were arriving later in the day.  Once we had explored the hotel complex, we decided to have lunch in the fast food joint in our hotel.  The food was better than I expected and the salesperson took the time to explain to me why we should invest in one of their Disney Cups.  {A moment about said Disney Cups:  I don't drink soda anymore and I limit soda for LRHB so I had previously decided that we wouldn't be purchasing these cups.  I changed my mind when I realized that I could give him Powerade and, in the humid Florida weather, realized that would be a good choice for him.  Another factor was that I could get my coffee every morning with this cup and iced tea all day long.  Finally, they had disposable cups that I collected and put in the room.  Each morning I would make a series of trips downstairs and load us up for the day in both empty water bottles and disposable cups.  These are the reasons I purchased the Disney cups and would encourage anyone else to do so as well.}

Since the weather was overcast and rainy, we skipped the pool and boarded the bus for Downtown Disney after lunch.  I know I have mentioned that LRHB is anti-shopping.  However, Downtown Disney has a Lego Store which was the enticement I used to get him to go.  He purchased a Lego set and was entertained by it for the in-between hours (those hours before you leave for the next thing or before bed) for the rest of the trip.  We received notice that my parents were on the way to the resort so we headed back to meet them.  (Ask them about their car service next time you see them! LOL)

We went to the Hoop De Doo Revue for dinner and a show.  This was on mom's bucket list and we all really enjoyed ourselves.  We did the hurry up and rush there (via boat!) to wait and wait.  Since the seating is prearranged, I would encourage you to arrive in time, but not early.  Although there was probably exploring we could have done, not knowing enough about the area, we didn't do any.  We were content, I might mention, to sit and chat about the upcoming days since it was our first time together in three months and we needed a game plan.  The show itself was fun, food was good and LRHB is still laughing about some of the play on words that they included in the show!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Disney Blog Day 5

Debarkation Day

The time has come for us to leave our ship.  We had to put our luggage out the night before.  I thought that they would wait until all of our luggage was outside before they swept it away, however, upon realizing that my pants to wear were still in the bag that I had already placed outside, I found that they gather the bags out as soon as they appear and then deliver it to the underbelly of the ship.  So I dug out the jeans I had worn for pirate night to wear the next day.  

We had to set alarms to drag us from our bed and out the door for breakfast.  Early dinner seating is not a positive on debarkation day as then you have early breakfast seating.  I think it was 6:15.  Following our wonderful breakfast, we gathered our things from the room bidding it farewell and left the ship.  (pause here for sniffing and tear wiping)

The Disney Magical Express whisked us from the port to Disney World.  I caught up on texting and listened to tunes while my boy took a much needed nap.  Now I am going to say something very entitled, so acknowledge that I know it is entitled and recognize that I have given this more than a month of thought and still desire to share this with you:  If you are paying the most to stay in the resort, you should be the first one dropped off.  Seriously, we were the last ones dropped off and we were staying at the most expensive hotel.  It took us an additional thirty minutes (conservative) once on Disney property to reach our resort.  That just doesn't make sense to me.  I know it is snobby, yet, apparently I feel strongly enough about the amount of money I paid to make the comment.

Moving on... Disney Wilderness Lodge is beautiful!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Book # 28

The Fudge Cupcake Murder
by Joanne Fluke

It is time to take a break from the bakery murders because I figured out the murder on page 139 of a 271 page book.  I figured out the motivation behind it before my favorite baker also.  I love returning to characters I know and love so I will continue to read these books.  However, if you are a die hard mystery lover, you may tire of this series.  I will miss Hannah and her family during my break, yet it is time to try some other stories on my list.

ps.  Of course this book has yummy recipes for bakers to try.  I continue to resist!