Monday, March 5, 2012

5) The first grader and I have been having some tough times.  He is two all over again and his favorite word is NO.  However, yesterday we got to a good place and we were able to even do a craft together.  We made a one decade Chaplet for the Divine Mercy.  He can read the prayer, count the beads and join us when we pray the Divine Mercy that I am teaching Teen Boy (and will teach College Boy when he is home for Spring Break!).  I have looked and looked and looked this morning to tell you where I printed it from and I think that it was Making Music Praying Twice, but that site is down this morning.  It was just the prayer on 10 circles and a cross with the ending prayer.  We cut them out and strung them together on yarn.  In the meantime, trying to find this site, I have found which has a bunch of Lenten Activities that I will be checking out later.

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