Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Little Engine that Cooks...

Cooking, cooking, cooking... If it is the beginning of the month, the freezer is bare and it is time to get together with friends and cook!  Together we each made 6 meals.  Since they left I've made 5 more (including tonight's dinner).  It was a fabulous time with a playdate that was peaceful, friends sharing celebrations and commiserating over struggles.  Oh, I love my cooking days!

I was thinking about this week's resolution and I know that it is the end of the week, but I had some more ideas about it.  I mean, for me it was going through and finishing tasks.  But for you it might have been ironing that stack of clothes, finishing the mending or the filing or the taxes or whatever was left unfinished in your life.  I know that it is MY 52 weeks, MY 52 Resolutions, but if no one finds reason to journey with me, then it isn't quite the same, ya know?  So I hope you had some tasks that needed finishing and you wouldn't mind sharing those with me.  Happy Saturday!

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