Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's Wednesday...

How are things progressing for you this week?  Did you schedule that appointment?  Did you start those vitamins?  Hero Daddy started his vitamin routine this week, but sadly I have not.  So the week isn't over.  And it takes 30 days to form a habit so on April 21st, I should be regular at this, right?  I have figured out that my calcium chew comes best right after lunch so I'm off to enjoy that.  I have been back on the water consumption so maybe I've done okay so far this week.  How about you?

Now, I've been a bit back and forth on the whole healthy eating thing... when College Boy and I had lunch yesterday, I gave him my egg roll and he ate the majority of the crab wonton and I didn't order the breaded chicken sesame that I love, so kudos to me.  And when I went out for dinner, I had lettuce wraps and no dessert.  And when I went out for lunch with College Boy again today, I ordered a salad with my soup instead of the chicken salad that I wanted and gave him a third of my roll (mostly because I had used up the 2 pats of butter already).  So the real problem here is my eating out continuously.  And today's problem was no breakfast (I KNOW HOW DUMB).  I tried to eat breakfast, but here's what happened:  I took one bite of a Special K peach/berry breakfast bar and EWWWWW!  It was so gross I spit it out and put the bar away.  I don't know how the LRHB eats them.  I really don't.  So now I will put bars in the car that I like so this doesn't happen again.  And I will hope that the Teen Boy doesn't read my blog and find out how many times College Boy and I ate out.  Happy Wednesday!

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