Friday, March 16, 2012

They Don't Know It's Coming...

What a week!  What a busy, slow, crazy, sane, wonderful, horrid week.  On the one hand it has been busy because everyone was home most if not all week due to illness.  Slow because since there was illness, there were no extra kid activities.  Crazy because I had bible study, volunteer, volunteer, volunteer, 2 sick kids, meetings, meetings, doctor appts (2 by 9:15 am Tuesday), Bunco and had to make a trip to Denver to pick up College Boy for Spring Break. Sane because I have extra hands and heart at home to help a momma out!  Wonderful, college boy is home; horrid, LRHB has broncitis and with his asthma, it's a bad combo.  Wonderful because teen-boy has plateaued; horrid because we have so much work to make up. 

But tomorrow, since they will all be home again and there is only so much basketball and hockey to watch, we are going to clean out the cars and pick our Spring Break books.  And with the taxes MOSTLY done, I'll be diving into 2 For the Money, by Janet Evanovich.  I have some "real reads" that will be due back to the library before I get through them, but I need a good, fun Spring Break read.   Then I will tackle one of the others.  And I kinda feel like I get 2 spring breaks, one with CB and one with the others when they finally get out at the end of next week.  In the meantime, this has been an interesting week with having both kids home under the weather.  Hope your week has been FAB and you haven't missed me too much.  Happy Friday!

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