Wednesday, May 14, 2014


So I feel a little bit silly about being so proud about running 8 minutes straight.  TWICE in a work-out.  Because:  TODAY I RAN FOR 20 MINUTES STRAIGHT!

It took serious talking myself into it.  And it was funny because at the moment that I just didn't think I could do it, God put a message in front of me and rejuvenated my spirit.  OKC beat the Clippers.  In the last seconds of the game.  We'd given up!  It couldn't happen, but it did.  And I didn't think I could do it and then I knew I could.  Let me be clear, I'm not an NBA fan nor an OKC fan (Teen Boy is).  I still saw the message loud and clear.  Now, these legs have got to get me through the day!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I ran for 8 minutes straight today.  And then, after walking at a good clip, I ran for ANOTHER 8 minutes straight.  You need to understand this... I am not sure that I have EVER RUN FOR 8 MINUTES STRAIGHT!

We did this Couch to 5K program last summer in preparation for our first 5K.  I am not sure how far we got... we certainly didn't finish it, but I was still able to do the 5K.  I was anxious about it, I walked it quickly with some jogging and a ridiculous end of race sprint.  (as I often do, when I recall a moment that happened and I want to refresh my memory, I look back through my blogs.  But last summer, I was filled with angst and hid... I did not ever write about my fabulous accomplishment of finishing my first 5K.  Furthermore, I didn't write about finishing my second! OY!)  But I digress... I recall going to the gym, doing the work-out, getting sick in the middle, never quite able to run the full 5 minutes that was required last week.  I know this for a fact... I have never run 8 minutes straight.  And today I did it twice.  I may not be living up to my resolution commitment at this time, however, I am living life, living up to my commitment to fill a bucket list item.  I'm not gonna lie, I am scared.  But boy do I want this!

Monday, May 12, 2014

#13 Again

So I just spent the last ten minutes trying to decipher the title of my last running post... #9-#16.  It didn't match if I was counting the 35 days til race day.  It didn't match my work-outs.  And then I realized, it was bad math. The title should be #9-#13.  Four weeks (of planned work-outs) times three work-outs a week (of course I am doubling up) does not equal 16, but rather 12.  Plus I had started week 5, total = 13.  I am not going to go back and re-title it though.  I am going to live with my mistake, cause people make mistakes.  

Then, as I mentioned, LRHB was sick and then Teen Boy and then ME!  I know I said if I got sick I wouldn't be able to do the race.  But, I only got the stomach flu... not real sick.  I was back running after FOUR days off and two days of feeling ICK.  I redid day Thirteen because I felt that was a good place to start again.  Now, the window is very small and I am going to have to be committed to running every day without a break for the next two weeks.  Please, pray for no more sick, no derailing because I really want to run this race!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Book Club - Alive and Well

We met last week for another installment of Book Club.  I had found a couple young men that I thought would be perfect to add to our group.  Too bad they're moving this summer.

This time around I issued a challenge:  Read the Ralph Mouse series (3 books) by Beverly Cleary.  LRHB and I read two of them and the day of movie night, he read the third.  We had Spring Break to read them, but our travels kept us from reading as much as we'd hoped.  (That and some new cooking shows!)  Scholastic did the videos and the kids really enjoyed them.  

We've chosen the classic Black Beauty for our next read.  Interestingly, I meant to choose Black Stallion.  Oops.  

Books 18-21

  • Drive by Daniel Pink was a look at what is successful in motivating people in the workplace now vs. previously.  It was full of data and examples which did bring the information to life.  However, it was still complicated and then I had to draw on what I had learned to apply it to my real work situation.  I would recommend reading it so that people can have insight into what will make them a satisfied and productive individual in the workplace (also it spills over into your home life). 
  • Grace Valley Series by Robin Carr was a trilogy before her Virgin River Series (which I loved).  The themes are similar - family, community, love - and the payoff is in the end of the trilogy.  It was a fabulous break from the serious reading I've been doing.  If you enjoyed her Virgin River Series, rush out now and get started on this series.  If you haven't read anything by her, start with this as it will give you a clear picture of her storytelling.  FYI - very clean.

#9 - #16

Life... it has been happening.

YES!  I am still running.  YES!  I am still doing the strength training.  NO!  I haven't been blogging.

  1. Birthday Fun.  I had a birthday.  There was fun.  Pre-birthday fun.  Birthday fun.  Post-birthday fun.
  2. There was finishing an ONLINE CLASS.  Real book.  Real work.  Finished.  Finally.
  3. There was reading a book series because after the hard reading, I just wanted some FUN READING! (Details to follow)
  4. There was illness.  Up all night puking and running to the toilet illness for the LRHB.  Hero Daddy had to stay home with him as I couldn't take off.  (Picture me plunging a knife into my heart as it has always been MY JOB to take care of the ill and down-trodden).  Hero Daddy didn't realize that LRHB only drank 12 oz of fluid ALL DAY.  I wrote a note!!  With INSTRUCTIONS!!
  5. There was moving Teen Boy home from College Year 1.  So nice to have him home.  We've got to fix him some, but I am so proud of my young man.  Didn't lose his head with partying and brought home great grades. 
  6. There was running.  Not everyday running because after 6 straight days, these legs needed a break.  Then I took a second day off because I couldn't go to the gym and leave my sick baby after leaving him with Hero Daddy all day (see note 2).  It was hard to go back after two missed days... I'm not gonna lie.
  7. There was more sick for LRHB.  Now a fever and a cough and general misery while ON A FIELD TRIP THAT OF COURSE I COULDN'T GO ON!  Thanks to Big Brother for picking him up and giving him medicine and making him rest til the momma could come home and take over.  So another day off from running.  
But I will still finish and be able to RUN a 5K.  And hopefully WALK a 5K at the same time.  10K.