Monday, March 26, 2012

XIII, Thirteen, 13, Trece, Treize

When I realized that this was week 13, I'll admit I was a bit spooked.  I'm a little superstitious, not a lot, but for some reason, it spooked me.  Then I thought about how it is kind of a magical number... it marks that I've lasted longer than 12 weeks which is in theory 3 months and most resolutions do not last that long.  And although I am about to review book #11, I didn't review books 1 & 2 so it is truly book 13!  And LRHB and I took our 13th step in our Lenten Journey last night.  We also discussed the math of it and how we have to all do our own steps each day if we are going to finish.  And the lack of beans in our jar due to his NO habit.  But I digress.

On this journey, I've discovered that the more specific the task, the better I am at achieving them.  Last week, the Inventory Your Health was really to help everyone else.  For me it was about taking that multi-vitamin/calcium daily and I am now on a roll.  This week it is Spring Cleaning.  I don't make it into the boys rooms weekly to dust and vacuum.  Sometimes I don't make it monthly.  But during Spring Break, we usually do a good and thorough cleaning job so we will this week.  I don't need them to clean the bath or main rooms with me this week.  I'm learning to stay on top of those.  We are concentrating on their bedrooms and that's it. 

13) LRHB and I used his Chaplet to pray the Divine Mercy last night.  The first time we prayed it we only did one decade so when we finished the first decade, he announced, "done!"  I then explained that it is actually not done, and that we do it 5 times.  And away we went!  He kept track of it and I prayed, just prayed without worrying about the counting.  And when we finished, we'd achieved a sense of peace that had been missing from our relationship.  We then read 5 chapters in our Spring Break Read: Stuart Little.  It was a great evening!

Books 1 & 2:  Cedar Cove Series, books 11 & 12 by Debbie Macomber.  I don't care for unevens.  I am trying to keep track of the books I read this year and while this Blog will help me, I discovered after going back through that although I read these books in early January, I mentioned them but didn't review them.  Since I am always talking about what a great author I think Debbie is, I am not sure why I need to review them.  Its a great series.  She's starting a new series and some of these folks will be back to visit in the new series.  If you want to know all of the names, the best way is to visit Debbie's website and check out the book list by series under the Books link.

Book Review #13:  Thanksgiving by Janet Evanovich.  Another quirky romance novel that I couldn't put down and plowed right through in no time at all.  Brainless.  Fun.  Just the right way to start Spring Break!

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