Monday, March 12, 2012


So this week I will be doing 2 resolutions:  Clean Out the Car and Read a Good Book.  After all, it is 52 weeks, 52 resolutions so if I do two this week, I will still be on track!  And I have college boy coming home this week so I will have some help with the cars.  I will have help in the house.  I will have help!  I mean, lately trying to get the LRHB (little red headed boy also known previously as the first grader, but it was pointed out to me that soon enough he would no longer be that so I should revert to the name he is best known as) to do anything has been like pulling teeth.  Even the bean jar hasn't helped.  And Teen Boy is too busy.  He really is.  So when he has time, I like for him to focus on his Lenten Journey. 

Read a good book.  Many of you are headed into Spring Break.  Have EVERYONE in the family choose a book for Spring Break!  I like reading a good classic like Charlotte's Web.  Then I like to take the movie(s) out from the library and have a special viewing session.  Follow that up with a good discussion comparing and contrasting the book and the movie (or movies).  It sounds like work, but is really great, fun, quality time with the kids.  Then, choose a book for yourself!  Read one that I have suggested or pull one off of your own shelf that you've been meaning to read!  Show the kids that you VALUE the time of reading a good book.  Children learn by example.  Many ask me how I have raised readers.  I have read for pleasure, I have read to them even as they have gotten older and I have done the book/movie combo on MANY occasions.  Like last summer.   We read Mr. Popper's Penguins and I recommended it to friends on our swim team.  Then they read it and we ALL went to see it in the theater.  You too could organize that with soccer friends, school friends, cousins... it is an ageless activity!  So read a good book.  I will be encouraging all three of my boys to do the same!  Happy Monday!

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