Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 9 continued...

Or I can postpone finishing tasks tonight by posting some more!   Actually, I am baking muffins for Teen Boy as I had TEN - 10 - boxes of muffin mix in the pantry.  Using what I got!  I also cleaned out 2 kitchen cabinets and added some more items to the next round of donations.  I connected with friends at lunch (yum PF Changs!) which was the best thing I did for my health as I ate several bowls of soup and drank a whole pot of tea.  All that hot, steaminess was so good for my stuffed-up head!

I did have a conversation with College Boy about Lent.  Turns out he is a Giver, not a Doer.  He is giving up all dining hall desserts.  As I had a sneaky suspicion that he was actually living on frozen yogurt, this might be a good thing for him.  I told him we were Doers.  My friend Ria introduced me to that:  Giver vs. Doer.  Love it.  Also read a great blog today about Shaking Off the Bonds of Stuff:  A 40 day plan for Lent (that I am going to save for next year or incorporate into my resolutions) by Shower of Roses (see link under My Blog List).  Can't wait to get the plan from her.  If you'd like "the plan", leave me a comment and I will send it your way when she emails it to me.

Scary mom moment this weekend:  Teen boy swam his 400 IM and achieved his sectionals cut meaning in two weeks he'll head to Wisconsin to swim it again.  YAHOO!  Then he collapsed.  In the boys locker room which is a VERY busy spot during a swim meet and moms CANNOT go in.  Many thanks to Daddy B, a swim dad, and College Boy who was there to watch the swim.  They were able to go in and out and communicate to me Teen boys symptoms, needs, responses, etc.  In the end, we decided it was a migraine that had been building every day without him recognizing his symptoms.  And I was cool as a cucumber mom working through the list of symptoms, dishing out meds, giving orders (get him dressed so we can get out of here and put him to bed in College Boys dorm).  But can I tell you that the idea of sending him far, far away to swim this race again in 2 weeks kinda has me FREAKIN OUT!

Week 9: Finishing Tasks

I have much to say today after a weekend off and it will mostly be completely random, but let's start with this week's resolution:  Finishing Tasks.  There are many ways to keep track of things-to-do.  Some have a mental list, some keep it electronically and I keep it in my calendar.  However, I have been hiding my calendar from myself.  Why, you might ask?  I have many unfinished tasks in there, that's why.  That is why this week I am focusing on finishing the items in my calendar and starting next week with a clean slate.  This should be easy to do as I am supposed to be staying home and resting as I now have a sinus infection and I'm on prednisone for my lungs and I don't sleep on that stuff.  So much for bragging about kicking that cold's butt.  And it is hanging over my head like a big boulder to get this stuff done.  And I was going to write more, but teen boy needs my computer.  So I will save the other items for tomorrow when I procrastinate on the items I'm supposed to be getting done.  Happy Monday!
3)  So the teenage boy and I were driving home from Denver on Saturday.  I said to the boy, "Hey, you know what I used to do when I was on a car trip with my Grammy?  We'd say the Rosary.  How about you and I say the Rosary?"  "I guess," was his response and for those of you that don't have a teen, that is code for yes.  So we did the Rosary.   Now as several of you know, we have been saying the Rosary or the Divine Chaplet in our bible study group.  So as I cruise into the 6th decade, my boy says, "We're done."  WHAT?  THERE ARE SEVEN DECADES.  "No, I know because we just used my Rosary the other day and their are only 5 decades."  HMMM.  OKAY, LET'S FINISH IT.  So we finished with 3 Hail Marys, an Our Father and a Glory Be as we don't have the Hail Holy Queen and the O God, Whose... memorized and I figured that was better than nothing of a finish.  Now, for those of you that are avid followers of my blog (and I'm not sure there are any, but let's assume there are), you know that I have been saying the Rosary while swimming laps. And yes, each time I have been using SEVEN decades.  Wow, I really need to work on this.  So I printed a new copy to keep with my bible study gear to review as needed.  Another step in our Lenten Journey.
2)  Sometimes it's the unplanned items that are most dear.  I picked up the 1st grader for a dental appointment.  With much on my plate this week, I sent him to school to order lunch (cheese pizza) not remembering that he would miss lunch while at the dentist (oops).  Anyhow, he says to me that he had to order a vegetarian sandwich for lunch.  A WHAT?!  A vegetarian sandwich.  WHY?  They had the snow day lunch, not the correct by the calendar lunch which had no non-meat items so he was told by the teacher (bless her) to order the sub sandwich and when he arrived at the cafeteria, to tell the lunch ladies that he wanted a vegetarian sandwich.  WHAT IS THAT?  I don't know.  WASN'T THERE CORN DOG ON THE MENU?  Yes, but mom, it's Lent and I can't have a corn dog on Fridays.  I call that a prayerful step on our Lenten journey.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow Day = Good Book

Snow days in our house generally mean laziness and enjoyment of each other.  So the 1st grader and I played 8 different games (and multiples of several of them).  Then I settled under my snuggi with One for the Money by Janet Evanovich.  It was a mystery and I haven't read many of those in a few years (unless you count the Calendar Mysteries by Rob Roy and The Magic Tree House books).  I really liked it!  It was a fast read and very quick paced in the book with lots of action (some of it icky).  As soon as the library web site comes back to life, I will be requesting more of the books in that series! 

I forgot to mention that on Monday I read another Debbie Macomber two-in-one book Learning to Love.  It was a great brainless holiday read while the teen did homework and the first grader enjoyed the outdoors.  Yes, I guess I should have been wiping up bathrooms, mopping floors and cleaning something, but I just can't resist a good book.  And I was still in recovery mode from the cold.  And yesterdays good read means I have read 8 books since joining the Pikes Peak Library's Adult reading challenge so I am going to pick up my prizes and have my name entered for a Kindle Reader today!Have a Happy Friday and a Wonderful Weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

1) My teenager had not heard of the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Of course, neither had my first grader.   I was proud that my teen knew where his Rosary beads were and he surprised himself (grimace from the mom that it was a surprise to him) by remembering the Hail Mary.  We all prayed the Our Father and my first grader has committed to learning it.  Now, I secretly think that he already knows it, but nevertheless, if he wants quality time with mom practicing then we can do that.  We also discussed both the traditional Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Today we prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

40 Prayerful Steps... Our Journey for Lent

On Mardi Gras, we had a discussion at dinner regarding Lent and it being a preparation for Easter resulting in me answering a lot of WHY questions.  Why do people give stuff up?  Why do we prepare for Easter?  Why do we have to choose something prayerful to do over Lent?  And then the teenager stopped asking questions and the 1st grader started.  Why, Why, Why?  But seriously, this was a tough discussion as I have been prayerful and doing bible studies these last few years, but I had forgotten to include my family.  Guess that is why I am now reading A Mom After God's Own Heart.  I need some help.  But I digress...

We have pulled out the dried beans and reestablished the BEAN JAR.  I learned about this during Lent last year through Holy Heroes and each time we catch each other being especially kind or thoughtful, we put a bean in the jar.  On Easter morning our dried beans were replaced by Jelly Beans!  Additionally, having done some research about Lenten Activities for Families, we are committed to 40 Prayerful Steps.  I got the idea from Faith and Family Magazine and Daily Blog of Catholic Living, a site I have recently discovered.  I read a feature article, "40 Ways for 40 Days" and amended that to fit our needs.  Today being a snow day, we will likely get in more than one prayerful step, making up for the next two days when we are likely not to get in a prayerful step.  I will also journal our prayerful steps in case you see an idea you'd like to incorporate with your family.  I have decided that I will publish these with a number and a color to distiguish them from the regular posts.  I am really excited about taking this journey with the boys that are home, and when I see College Boy this weekend, I am going to ask him about his Lenten journey.  So look for an update later on what prayful steps we took today!  Happy Snowy Thursday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Catholic Prepares for Lent...

This week, as Lent begins, I am preparing.  I am doing some careful consideration to how to prepare my family.  Once upon a time, I was much more into living my faith.  And somewhere, life happened and I let family prayer time go.  Part of it was our busy lifestyle.  Part of it was my husband's lack of support.  However, I have taken steps to lead a more prayerful life, and I am now ready to have my family join me.  College boy is already making mom proud with becoming a Eucharistic Minister at college and meeting regularly with the youth advisor to discuss the Bible.  Wow.  Now it's time to involve the two boys at home.  As you and your family prepare for Lent, would you be willing to share with me how your family prepares?

Other notes to share...
I have been ill.  I had a wicked cold.  BUT, I am better.  Without a trip to the doctor and medicines.  I definitely attribute this to 2 things:  1) I have been exercising and therefore I am stronger and better able to fight off infection  and 2) I rested.  I mean I really rested.  I read.  I stayed in jammies.  I used meals from the freezer and didn't shop.  Over 10 days, I really, really really rested.  Not just the first day, but the first and last day.  And I am better. So today I went to aqua zumba then kicked my laps.  Bringing up my next other note...

I kick my laps faster when I say the Rosary then when I bring my Ipod and listen to music.  True.  I have done it both ways and the three times I said the Rosary I got more done, or the same done in less time or (today) more done in less time.  I love how my friend Stina put it... I am "taking care of the temple and the soul it houses at the same time.  Win/Win!"

Breakfast is a constant.  Taxes are not done.  Connections continue to happen.  We paid off two credit cards this month so I am taking control of my finances again.  Holiday letter not done.  Mail still in box.  Ups, downs, ups, downs.  This is why it is a 52 Week Journey.  Happy Mardi Gras!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


My mother, who was here the last week, came down with the cold that several of us already had.  I would say, "God bless you!" when she sneezed and she would reply, "And may God bless you, too!" to which I would then reply, "and he has, in so many ways."  Then I would start to think of the ways I am blessed:  a supportive, loving extended family, wonderful spouse, amazing, healthy children, devoted friends, beautiful home in a safe neighborhood, food on the table... I could go on and on.

Today, I feel so very thankful for all of that and more as I just completed the autobiography a stolen life, a memoir by Jaycee Dugard.  It was a quick read.  It was a compelling recount of the horrible life she has survived.  What an inspiration she is to emerge on the other side, free of hate, full of hope.  It is not a pleasant book as it includes details that no one should have to have endured.  And as I read it, I chose the next, happier book that I would be reading to keep me motivated to finish it so that I could move on.  I never considered not finishing it... I needed to get through it as Jaycee finally got through it.  I needed to hear the happy ending of her tale, in her words.  It was not enough to know she was liberated... I needed to read for myself that she prevailed.

And it confirmed my thought for the day, "'In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." (Benjamin Franklin)  Guess what I am doing next...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Book Review Saturday...

An American Heiress, by Daisy Goodwin is a historical fiction novel, nearly 500 pages in length that was thoroughly entertaining.  It was a bit confusing getting the characters straight and (for me) the time period in history, however, by the middle of the book, it was just cruising as I cheered for the protagonist and jeered the antagonist our dear heroine blindly trusted.  I just wanted to yell at her, "That B is setting you UP!!!" at one point, and at another, "Tell her... she needs that information NOW!  She doesn't need you blurting out you LOVE her!"  Oh, the sheer number of pages sounds overwhelming, but it was quite an easy, entertaining read with an ultimately satisfying ending.  I will say that I wouldn't have said that it was how I wanted the book to end, however when we got there, I was happy.  Enjoy!

I feel I must amend my position on a book from last week.  I mentioned that I cruised through You... Again.  Then my mom picked it up and read it.  And we chatted about these two stories, comparing them to the series Debbie Macomber recently completed, "Cedar Cove".  Yeah, the writing in You... Again isn't as good, it really isn't.  And having completed the emotionally compelling Muriel..., I was glad to read something brainless.  However, if you are going to take my favorite author out for a test drive, don't use You... Again as the vehicle.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Another day, Another Closet

Somehow, I have imparted on my first grader that it is polite to dress up for parties.  So last Saturday, I sent him to his room to ditch the jammies and get ready to go to a birthday party.  He ventures into his closet and puts on a shirt I swear he wore to Mass last month.  Too small.  Let's go back there buddy and try again.  Too small.  Too small.  Way too small.  8 shirts later, this one will do (the least too small in the bunch!).  Now I have examined his summer clothes... guess what.  Too small.  So, in the very near future (following the taxes), I will be cleaning the boy's closet out, ridding him of all too small items!  Check the kids rooms on Monday, if they are home, and make them try on clothes.  Bribe them with some mid-morning baked treat and make a list of what you will need for the spring/summer!  It's a great (this one's for you LMS) SYSTEM!  I use it in the spring and the fall! 

Update on other things:  When College Boy comes home, an extra trip to the store is required so plan on it.  When you have a house guest that you love dearly leave, make sure someone has cleared out all of the leftover ice cream or it makes a great breakfast.  And a better mid-morning snack.  And when your system is broken, build a new one (still not getting mail.  hmmmm).  And when you have a cold (and you are asthmatic) it is OKAY to take a week off from exercising, and OKAY to sit home on the couch one morning watching TIVO'd shows (eating ice cream).  But then you get back on your healthy system the next day (going to a party tonight so I will finish my sad eating tonight!).  Happy Friday!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 7 Resolution: Get the Taxes Done and other nonsense for a Tuesday morning

I am a procrastinator about some things.  Taxes are one of those things I put off.  With no good reason, we generally get something back.  So why wait?  This week, I am gathering those donation receipts, collecting all of those tax papers that come in the mail out of the big box of mail and I am setting aside time to actually do the taxes this week.  In February.  Before April 15th.  Many folks don't do their own taxes, so this might not be a goal for you.  Or perhaps it is a goal for you because eventually you have to make that appointment with the tax person and take them all the stuff.  So gather your stuff, make your appointment.  Even if you get them done now and owe, you can wait to send it in!

On a completely different note, I am a day late because my mom is in town until Thursday and we are "connecting" through shopping time, playing games with the kids and reading.  Give your mom a call today, Valentine's Day, and tell her how much you love her!  And if you can't, call me... I'll tell you how much I love you!

So, I did a little research to discover the Origins of Valentine's Day.  I remember in my youth, we always called it St. Valentine's Day.  I am sure that the dropping of the saint part is due to separation of church and state.  But just as many slip into the careful "Happy Holidays" sentiment, isn't it truly okay for me, as a Catholic, to say "Happy St. Valentine's Day" in the same manner that I wish others a "Merry Christmas"?

In reality, the Catholics probably founded this "holiday" not only to express love or to celebrate the death/burial of on of the St. Valentines, but to cover a pagan ritual that had to do with fertility.  The pagan festival, Lupercalia, involved sacrificing a goat for fertility and a dog for purification, rubbing the blood on strips of the hide and members of a sect of Roman priests would walk through town slapping women and crops with the hide.  The women recognized this as a good thing.  Later in the day, all of the women would place their names in a large urn.  Eligible bachelors would draw names and they would me paired for the year.  Many of these pairings apparently resulted in marriage.  On the other side of the coin is the saints and their history.  The Catholic Church does recognize three saints named Valentine or Valentinus.  One Valentine was a priest, who reportedly continued to marry young lovers after a decree from Emperor Claudius II made it illegal for young men to marry as single men made better soldiers.  Another report, said Valentine helped Christians escape Roman prisons.  Having been imprisoned, he fell in love with a young woman that came to visit.  Prior to his death, he wrote her a letter signing it "from your Valentine".   Regardless, in 496 AD, Pope Gelasius changed Lupercalia on February 15th, to St. Valentine's Day on February 14th recognizing St Valentine as the patron saint of lovers.  All the other commercialization stuff followed; initially scraps of cloth and lace and paper were used to make notes.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Book Read by Chance

When I decided at the beginning of the year to branch out on my reading topics/authors, I took suggestions from a variety of sources including magazines and friends.  Then, I typed them (all) into the search at the library, put them (all) on hold and picked them up as they became available.  That would be why I currently have my library book basket overflowing with books to read.  As I typed in one suggested book, An American Heiress, from I think the editor of Ladies Home Journal, Sally (she used to be the editor of Parents for a dozen years or so), another title popped up and so I put that on hold too.  Because it is an older book (2010), it came to me quite quickly and so I started it.  It was utterly fascinating proving that sometimes a chance thing is a good thing indeed.

Muriel's War, An American Heiress in the Nazi Resistance appealed to my love of history and my growing interest in biographies.  Muriel Gardiner and I would probably not have been friends.  She was a little left field for me, however, I would have LOVED to have met her!  She led an incredible life and encountered people such as Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein, even referring to the later as a  friend.  She saved untold lives with her deeds and her generous pocket (though as an heir of the Swift Meatpacking Dynasty, she was loaded).  If you choose to read this book, I might mention that the pictures in the middle somewhat spoil (for me) the ending.  Somewhat.  So skip those until you finish.  Or spoil the ending if you so choose.  It isn't what I would call a quick read as it took me two weeks.  However, it was captivating and powerful.  She was an amazing woman, courageous and a forward thinker.  I'm not sure that I was a fan of her mothering style; it was quite the opposite of mine.  However, in the end, she and her daughter were quite close so it worked for them.  Great book.

On the other hand, my fave author Debbie Macomber just released two of her earlier stories, from 25 years ago and 18 years ago, updated in a single book You... Again.  I am once again struck by the romance and human drama that she uses to tell her stories instead of the smut.  I started that book yesterday and finished it today.  Delicious!

Postscript:  I did not go around the house and collect books to read.  I just hobbled to the library.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Back in the saddle...

I am back in the saddle... I am making (mostly) healthy choices.  And when I choose not (wine for lunch Monday), I get back on my game at the very next meal (hubby:  that's all you're eating for dinner?  Yes, I had a big lunch:  salad, soup and wine, but yeah! no dessert!).  And I did a double work-out on Wednesday thinking I'd be working on Thursday and may not have time to work out.  I didn't work on Thursday and I went and worked out ANYWAY!  Yes, I need to celebrate myself.  In fact, WE ALL NEED TO CELEBRATE OURSELVES!  Sometimes our hubbies remember to celebrate us, but sometimes not (what did you do today?) and our kids celebrate us through actions usually (BIG HUG) not always through words.  So we need our friends to celebrate us (thank you P & L) or we need to celebrate ourselves.

On another front, one kitchen drawer cleaned out.  Connected with friends through lunch and at Bunco (we all need a night out!).  Cleaned through toys ditching broken ones beyond repair, donating those we've outgrown, throwing away garbage mixed in with toys and found 2 shirts belonging to two different kids in the dress up bin.  Not dress up shirts.  Didn't get the mail all week.  Didn't finish the Happy New Year letter.  Gonna have to work on those.

However, I had a great mom moment this week.  My first grader came home with "Valentine's" that they'd made in class for each of us.  They had a sentence telling us why we were his Valentine.  My boy loves to snuggle with me.  Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.  Such a celebration of when we as moms take time to ignore the chores and be with our kids.  Hug your kid today and tell them you love them.  I'm going one better and I'll be hugging my mom and my college boy, too!  Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back in the Pool...

After a snow day Friday and overdoing it on my leg Saturday, I got back in the pool last night.  Was it the most convenient time?  No.  Did I get a shower before my band boosters meeting?  No.  Did I do it anyway?  YES!  Now I am off to water circuit class with Suzanne.  Have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Healthy Eating...

Funny, breakfast daily was my first resolution of the year and it has stuck.  It certainly helps curb the lunchtime hunger.  So does the mid-morning snack.  And I've come up with more than one breakfast so that on days that I might need to indulge more at lunch (fabulous connecting lunch yesterday!), I can go smaller at breakfast, skip the cream in the coffee type thing.  I've armed myself with healthy snacks... strive for 5!  I love munching on cauliflower, rediscovered that I really like bananas and apples and found that Skinny Cow Swiss Cheese (and other flavors) really hits the spot when paired with an apple.  But the thing that helps me stay true is my water.  I am drinking lots of water now and I found one secret was finding a vehicle that you like... mine happens to be a straw in a cup.  I am still struggling with those late night cravings.  I bought frozen all fruit bars, but they just made me cold (and I'm not a cold girl usually as my friends can attest!).  I bought the calorie friendly chocolate pudding... mmmmmm, NOT.  It wasn't for me.  I tried a cup of cocoa in the evening... yummy chocolate, now what to eat with it.  Oops, that didn't work.  What curbs your late night hunger?  I am open to ideas...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Finishing Up & Week 5

Systems + Planning= Money Saving   That's right folks, I used my grocery lists that I keep on the computer, planned meals, purchased what I needed, came home and made meals to freeze and then I was very tired.  Happy, but tired.  So instead of just coming home and putting groceries away, I developed a (buzz word of the week forthcoming) SYSTEM to then make the meals and freeze them so that I have them for the days I work and don't have to worry about it. 

System:  Laundry.  We usually do laundry on Sunday to prep for the week and then another load if needed mid-week.  This does not include sheets, towels,etc.  So instead of wearing said clothes from the baskets all week, I try to get them all folded so that they are put away for the start of the week.    This is what we called an established system that needs tweaking.  Because I usually wait until the end of the day and watch TV and fold in the evening.  However, then both guys are in bed and cannot put away laundry resulting in chaos on Monday (do I have clean... fill in the blank).  So, the new thought is to fold each load as it comes out. 

And STARTING a new week:  I have been really watching what I ate and drank since the first of the year.  It goes hand in hand with my exercising.  However, this weekend, I kinda blew it so this week I am focusing on healthy eating and getting back into the exercise routine.   This means:  Planning and Making time for MOM.  Two things that moms constantly struggle with.  So Resolution Week 5:  Healthy Eating and Making Time to Exercise.  After all, this is about 30 days-ish or 6 weeks-ish into the new year and that is when most resolutions fall off.  I didn't resolve to lose weight and exercise... it has never worked before.  I made a health commitment.  And eating healthy and exercising are 2 components to that goal.  Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow Day!

I have to ask... do you view a snow day as a bonus day to get stuff done or as a bonus day to do nothing?  I viewed as a get nothing day!  Unless you count a game of Risk with both kids, some Sequence games, a Jukem game and reading both alone and with my boy as doing nothing.  Yes, then the college boy and I chatted for a couple hours and I tried a new recipe:  Shrimp and Grits.  Kept hearing about it on Top Chef, but finally a recipe kinda landed in my lap, I had all of the ingredients so I fixed it.  YUMMY!  Even my hubby (who I actually fixed a different dinner for) tried it and pronounced it good enough to make again.  And I got all caught up on Desperate Housewives.  And I shoveled snow.  Yes, I viewed it as a do nothing day and it was perfect.

However, I must mention a new system!  Remember a couple weeks ago when on the clear out phase?  I deep cleaned both bathrooms?  Well, Wednesday morning, I dashed around them with cloth and cleanser and in less than 10 minutes, they were spic and span again.  Now I don't work on Wednesdays, so a quick bath clean should be EASY to fit into my day.  So, Wednesday mornings, I will be cleaning the bathrooms.  New system.  Check in next week to find out if I was successful!  Happy Saturday!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

No Mail, but How Do We Feel About the Rosary and Swimming Laps?

I did not get the mail yesterday.  I did not go through the box of mail yesterday.  I DID make connections with friends through lunch, visiting, watching the Bachelor.  Good Stuff.  And I went to a water circuit class... I really like this instructor.  I did not really like the lady who jammed in my ankle trying to get her d*** water.  REALLY, we're in water, how much water can you need?  Bygones...

After, I felt I should swim some laps since Tues I worked and never made it to the gym.  Monday was the first day I ever swam laps.  I should further explain that by laps I mean that I kicked with a kick board, primarily because I needed to hold my IPOD, encased in a Ziploc, out of the water.  But yesterday, my IPOD was in my car so I was left to entertain myself.  Down.  Down.  Down.  Back.  Back.  Back.  Gosh that was boring.  What can I do... make a grocery list, think of food.  Bad idea.  I know!  I could use this time to pray.  "Hello, Lord, I am bored.  That's not a good prayer.  I'll try again.  Hello, Lord, how much longer to the end of the pool and how long is this pool and oh by the way, thanks for the glorious day."  Down. Down. Down.  How about a Rosary?  I like to do the Rosary.  It reminds me of my Grammy.  I would travel with her and every day we would say the Rosary and listen to Glenn Campbell.  "Like a rhinestone cowboy, ooooooo!"  So I said the Rosary.  And when I finished, so had my 30 minutes of allotted lap time.  And I felt refreshed and peaceful.  However, I was wondering if it is sacrilege to get through your lap time by saying the Rosary?  I mean, it was kinda like killing 2 birds with one stone (women are the great multi-taskers of the world).  So what do you think?  Praying while exercising good or not so good?  Give me a shout and let me know.  In the meantime, have a wonderful Thursday and set-up a system to make your life easier.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Got the Mail Yesterday

I put my shredder in a box big enough for the shredder in the back and space up front for the papers that need to get shredded.  Added bonus, when dumping shredder, loose papers fall into box, not all over floor.  So yesterday, I got the mail, stopped at the recycle bin and tossed what I didn't want, stopped at the shredder and tossed that which needs to be shredded, stopped at Connor's desk and left his mail and then was left holding mail.  Hmmmm, what to do with the mail that actually needs me to do something.  Okay, that will be today's solution.  Yesterday I stuck it in the box that I have going with mail that needs some attention.  The nearly full box.  Perhaps that will be my cleaning out job today.  Or not.

In the meantime, I save the shredding for bickering children.  When they begin to get on each other, I send one to shred and one to help me with whatever.  Clever mother idea 1001.  Hope you can use it.  Happy Wednesday!