Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 12: Take inventory of your health

This might mean alot of different things to different people.  Maybe you've been procrastinating on setting up an appointment for a physical, colonoscopy, mammogram, dentist visit, etc.  This is your week to do that.  Maybe you keep meaning to add more calcium, vitamin d, iron, etc into your diet.  This is your week to start that!  I am on-again/off-again with my multi-vitamin and my calcium so my specific goal of taking inventory of my health is to create a SYSTEM (there it is again sweet LM) that helps me to remember to take them daily.

I want to mention that I am STILL EATING BREAKFAST (week 1!) except for yesterday when I was sick as a dog with the tummy bug that Teen Boy brought home from Wisconsin and that Hero Daddy had over the weekend.  UGH.  Thanks to College Boy for holding down the fort and allowing me to actually stay in bed to recover!  He even volunteered in first grade!  Don't you think that deserves a treat lunch out today?  I do!  Happy Tuesday!

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