Sunday, March 11, 2012

More about Books...

I spent the last week getting caught up on my Bible Study reading (since I had to miss, I fell behind) and starting a book for my Lenten Journey, A Mom After God's Own Heart.  And I had to start that OVER again because I had taken 2 pages of notes while eating lunch at Olive Garden the day my car was in the shop for HOURS and then I threw the notes away because they were on the back of my grocery list and since the shopping was done and I was cleaning up and "finishing tasks", I threw the no-longer-needed lists away with the notes. Too efficient for my own good.

But somewhere in there I read a romance novel by Janet Evanovich called The Grand Finale.  Totally brainless and LOL funny.  I mean at some point I was reading on the couch while the HS boy was doing homework and he looked at me and I was like "what?" and he was like "you are laughing!" and I was like "yeah it's funny!"  So it would make a fabulous beach read. 

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