Friday, March 23, 2012


It is Friday so if your goal was to make that appointment you've been putting off, pick up the phone RIGHT NOW!  Calcium, CHECK.  Multi-Vitamin... sorta CHECKED.  I haven't taken it all week, but I moved the bottle to the coffee basket so when I make my morning cuppa JOE (love Polar Express, the DVD), I will take the multi-vitamin.  Yahoo!  System in place!

Inventory your health.  This is the time of year that the commercials all warn that bathing suit season will be here before we know it.  Sadly, that doesn't intimidate me.  I will be comfortable in my bathing suit whether I am svelte (which I am not) or not svelte.  BUT, I am coaching baseball with the LRHB (yeah, I know I needed another hobby).  And I am huffing and puffing out on the field chasing those balls.  Part asthma, part sinus infection, part too much weight.  I have been exercising consistently since early January.  Notice I say consistently not regularly.  Cause I was sick and stuff, BUT I keep going back.  And now I'm back to dry land activity and still doing some water stuff.  AND I've been adopting healthier eating habits.  AND I have dropped some pounds, but since I don't weigh myself, I have no idea how many.  So....

I am doing a 30 Day Feeling Fit Challenge from Arbonne.  I will be blogging about it on a different blog ( and may carry into this one, but really my goal is to keep them separate.  Wish me luck!  Happy Friday!

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