Tuesday, March 20, 2012

11)  So LRHB and I read another book to be returned to the St. Pat's library:  Daily Prayers for Children.  (Now, this is me putting myself out to you, remember that)  He didn't realize that people really prayed daily other than at meals eaten at a table (or when his mother offers up a thank you Lord prayer for green lights when she is late).  So the fact that there were other daily prayers was a bit of new information for him to assimilate.  Then I showed him the bedtime prayer card I found in his brother's bedroom (and promptly borrowed) and introduced the idea of a bedtime prayer session.  We had a chat in Bible Study about evening prayers and it came up that the old prayer we all learned was a bit morbid and some had newer, more upbeat versions that they knew and I thought, I like that.  And then I found this card with the newer version (Blessings for Gramma) in my own house.  We agreed, he was busy learning the Our Father for now so it could wait.  Baby steps.

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