Monday, March 5, 2012

4)  So Teen boy and I have had a running commentary on Genesis and what happened when and that sort of thing.  Let me back up, I am a cradle Catholic.  I went to CCD through my senior year of high school AND was very active in Young Life my junior and senior years.  BUT I don't have bible verses memorized.  I joined Newman House when I went to college.  I was married in the Catholic church and attended not only sessions with a priest and the retreat weekend, but also did an 8 week pre-marital counseling program with a married couple.   BUT I don't have bible verses memorized.  My children have made their sacraments and I have sponsored young ladies for Confirmation several times. 2 years ago or so I recommitted myself to my faith as my New Year's Resolution and I've been in a wonderful group on Mondays ever since learning wonderful things.   BUT I don't have bible verses memorized.  So the other night, we read Genesis and learned about the creation, however now my personal challenge to Teen boy is to memorize it.  First we are memorizing the Apostles Creed, though.

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