Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another week, Another accomplishment, Another Goal

Last week I set a goal to remove myself from catalog mailing lists.  I only get a few, so it shouldn't take too long.  So I hit the big 2 (Lands End and LL Bean) that I knew I had coming regularly.  Very easy.  I went on their sites, did a live chat and asked to be removed from their mailing list.  They wanted that number on the back which I didn't have, but an address works.  Then I started thinking about it... every time I order something for a birthday or Christmas, I am automatically added to their catalog mailing list.  So I went online to my credit card site and was able to run a report on who I ordered stuff from.  There were another 6 companies on there that I was indeed receiving catalogs from.  Good Golly, I just thought of 2 more toy ones... ahhhhh NOT DONE.  Ugh.  Anyhow, many of the smaller ones you need to send an email to as they do not have live chat.  But I did it.  I removed myself from 8 catalog lists.  I had no idea how many lists that I was on!  How about you?

So our goal this week is to create a Summer Plan.  What are my expectations?  What are the kids?  What do I want us to accomplish?  What do you need to accomplish for school?  My kids are out for SUMMER!  How about you... out for summer?  Do you come up with a written plan with goals and planned outings and fun and work?  What are some hopes for your summer?  Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Proud American...

As I was skimming through my fb page, I saw many reminders that today is a day of remembrance, not bbq's.  a day of honor, a day of thanks.  And I realized that I need to share that with my LRHB tonight.  Our flag waved proudly in front of the house (thank you boy scouts!) and I suffered inside with a migraine.  But now I will take some time to explain to my son the true meaning of this day... this unofficial start of summer is so much more.  Thank you to those that serve or served.  I am proud to be an American, supporting you in some small way here at home, remembering you today and each day in prayer.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Top 5 Reasons May Sweeps are Giving Me the Blues

So I am a TV junkie. It's my thing. Now I will mention that now that I make time for reading and working out, my TV watching is down. Discussed picking up several shows that I ended up not watching (dumped an entire recorded season of Pan Am after they failed to renew it and watch Smash once. just once. seemed interesting, but...). But I love my TV... and I am loyal to the bitter end (ER for example). And I usually love the May Sweeps in SPITE of the cliffhangers we are usually subjected to each year. However, this year the May Sweeps are giving me the blues. And if you keep reading and haven't watched your shows, you may find a spoiler so read with that warning

So here we are: The Top 5 Reasons that May Sweeps are Giving me the Blues:

5) One show I picked up and laughed long and hard over got cancelled... GCB. I mean, that would have totally taken the Desperate Housewives demo... according to me.
4) They only picked up Private Practice for 13 episodes next season... can we say final season.
3) Shows ending this month: Desperate Housewives, House, In Plain Sight. Out of those 3, so far I've only watched DH and it left me a bit sad. No chat about weekends together once a year. Or how of course Susan and Lynette should see each other regularly since they have a grandchild together. Seemed like they took too long tying up the story and not enough time sending it off right. If that makes sense. But I can say that Karen McClusky ROCKED!
2) Prentiss leaving Criminal Minds. Although at least they didn't kill her off so she can visit or they can work cases together. And at least they finally had J.J and Will get married. But boy was that episode a stressful show! And I will miss her on the team... she FIT. And fit good.
1) Killing Lexie Grey. WRONG! WRONG!! WRONG!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

18, 19, 20 and 21

During Lent, a blogger I read (Shower of Roses) said that they had a 40 days of Lent plan that they had amended to follow to eliminate stuff (possessions) during Lent.  Her plan was based on an article by Dale O'Leary, "Shaking Off the Bonds of Stuff... for Lent".  I asked her to send it to me thinking that I might find future Resolutions in that list.  I also was curious... it seemed like an ambitious plan because at the time she mentioned that she was cleaning out her laundry room (sound familiar) and I thought if every day was like that, GOOD GRAVY, that would be all I was doing!  Having read the article, some days are much more simple.  Cleaning out the cars was another idea I got from that, but setting aside one bag of plastic grocery bags (day 31) or paper bags (day 32) and recycling the rest is unnecessary... apparently I stay on top of those things... good for me!

I digress, of course.  So as I was rereading the list to get an idea for this coming week, I was looking for something simple.  That actually needed to be done.  Going through the medicines is done... did that when cleaning out the bathroom and linen closet.  Throw out catalogs... not necessary... WHEN I actually get the mail, they get automatically recycled.  Perhaps I should figure out a way to get off of their list.  But when I think of it, I am only really on a couple mailing lists.  So an easy thing to do that really needs to be done.  Yahoo... that's the plan.  Now to figure out how to do that... do you know?  Let me know in the comments below... that is Resolution #21... stop getting the catalogs you no longer want. 

About 18.. Deep cleansing breaths.  Funny story to come later... still working on it.
#19 - Next up today.  Or tomorrow. 
#20 - Moved hoop from Closet... baby steps.

Did you add a strengthening exercise?  Can you take 10 deep cleansing breaths?  Do you have something you really need to clean, but you keep procrastinating?  If so, inspire me.  I need it this week.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

22 - Another book by Jeffery Zaslow

This is the book that I intended to get from the library when I got The Girls From AmesThe Magic Room was suggested by someone, somewhere (I actually think it was Ladies Home Journal editor-in-chief Sally) and is about a bridal shop and girls and getting married.  Now, I'm not always sentimental... I sold my wedding dress in an upscale consignment shop.  However, I do remember when my mom and I bought it.  She and I shopped for my dress... I didn't drag around my entire wedding party.  And we tried several places, but ended up in JC Penney's.  That's right... I got my wedding dress at Penney's.  They were closing down their bridal department way back there in late 1990 and I got my dress on clearance.  And when we put it on, we knew.  We really just knew.  We went someplace else after that, having put it on hold, but of course we went back and got it.

This book talks about that moment for several women.  It also throws in some history of the shop and the 4 generations of women that have worked there.  And it covers how the bridal gown, in fact the wedding industry has changed over the last 80 years or so.  The author also did a fair amount of research that he throws in about marriage, happy marriages, not happy, divorce rates and many other things related to relationships/marriages that you couldn't begin to imagine on which some school out there has done studies.  That gets a little dry.  And it is obvious that he conducted HOURS of interview that he weaves throughout the book helping to sell the story.  It is fascinating, but a bit longish.  And I got confused during the read and had to go back and reread old chapters to refresh my memory.  He would end chapters talking about a bride in a most abrupt manner.  Eventually, he'd return to their story and it took me a bit to catch on to that.  So my advice would be to check the table of contents, read the chapters about the store/its owners and then the chapters about the brides, each brides chapters together, then finish the book.  Because he does a swell job of tying up the loose ends for us.  Or read it front to back like I did.  Perhaps your brain is better equipped to remember each bride, their family members, what part of their story you've learned, what you really want to learn etc., than mine was.

Oh the Places You'll Go!

So the LRHB and I went to a ballgame this afternoon.  A local triple A game for Little League Day.  The Little League teams paraded around the warning track before the game.  But my boy didn't march with them.  He was going to march with them, in spite of the cast.  However, he got a better offer.  He got to be one of the guys that threw out the first pitch.  I mean, 5 guys got to do it, but he was one of them.  And he almost made it to the catcher without the bounce!  My friend John the Insurance King made it happen.  And can I tell ya, it was COOL!  Couple of dogs, a brew for me and some dippin dots for him, some popcorn and great weather.  So why do we only go once a year... it's fun!  So I challenge you, make time for the simple pleasures of watching the local team play this summer!  I plan on trying to drag some of our summer friends with us!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Update on 18, 19, 20

Ceiling fans.... still dirty.  Maybe today!
Adding a strengthening exercise... hula-hoop still in closet. 
Taking 10 breaths... actually the only one I've worked on.  And I've discovered that I cannot do it.  Not straight.  I could only do 2-3 at first.  By the time I got to 3, I'd start coughing.  My body would FREAK.  But I can do 4 now.  Babysteps.  I think the trick might be to sit in a quiet spot and maybe stretch first and then take them.  Of course, I only remember when I am driving the car (which is quite often) so posture isn't always the best, but I have worked on that.  That might be why I'm up to 4.  I never thought it would be hard.  I thought the hard part would be remembering to do it.  That part I do... I just cannot do 10.  yet.

Other updates... I raced Sweet LM's princess to the park from the parking lot yesterday and was NOT out of breath when I arrived... YAHOO!  I am committed to working out and getting fit.  I am committed to 1 plate of food at dinner.  Anything more than that now makes me sick all evening long.  I am headed to mail packages to sweet nieces and my Goddaughter today... hooray for keeping in touch.  I am going to try to stay out of the grocery store today... after all we're going out of town so what could we possibly need?  I am still taking my vitamin each morning and calcium supplement most days!  I am trying to keep my faith in the forefront of my life by being committed this summer to our bible study group summer book read.   I do feel frustrated as I go through my life not quite accomplishing everything I'd like.  But then I remember that when I set off on this journey, I wasn't working part-time or full-time and while on this path, both of those things have sprung forth.  Focus on the positive.  Renew yourself.  Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sporting a BLUE Cast...

LRHB was running the 50 yard dash on Monday.  It was Field Day!  He tripped in a hole.  Later he recalled that he heard something go "POP", but he got up and ran across the finish line finishing 2nd behind the best girl friend he has.  He was okay losing to her.  I picked him up after school and he hobbled into the car... "What's wrong?"  Sprained my ankle, he replied.  "Hmmmm"  (No one ever said I was overly sympathetic).  When we got home he requested going outside to play.  Sure... ankle must be fine, right?  So he gets up yesterday and says it still hurts so I press on the bone just above where it juts out and he nearly jumps out of his skin.  Hmmmm, painful.  In the break spot.  Call the doctor.  Now I know about that spot because 2 years ago (nearly exactly), Teen boy fractured his ankle.  He, also, walked around on it for a couple days.  He had to be non-weight bearing for 2 weeks.  Oh boy!  My life may have just gotten really complicated.  So LRHB, the angels and I headed first to the doctor, then to get X-rays.  Thank heavens for angels that listen to stories and play quietly!  The phone call comes:  You have a 2:00 pm appt TODAY with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon.  YIKES!  So, a swimmer boy friend watched the house while the angels slept and off LRHB and I headed to meet this pediatric orthopedic surgeon (Dr. POS).  Dr. POS came in with a great bedside manner and quickly explained that yes, it was broken; yes the growth plate was involved; yes, we'd be casting it today; yes he could run and play on it; and finally, yes, it would come off in two weeks.  REALLY!  2 WEEKS!  We can do anything for two weeks.   Especially when it doesn't involve a crutches or momma carrying him around!  So now he's sporting a blue cast.  And a surgical shoe for walking around on it.  He came home and headed outside to hang with the friends.  However, he crashed HARD last night.  And he only made it through half day of school today.  He's really a trooper.  When not hurting, he's ready to go, go, go.  But then he overdoes it and is cranky, cranky, cranky.  A conundrum.   

Monday, May 14, 2012


So I am passionate about reading and books.  It is one reason that I tutored reading the last two years (until starting to work full time).  And I must say, it would really BLOW MY MIND when the little ones would come back from a break like Thanksgiving or Spring Break and it was VERY apparent that they hadn't read the entire time.  Or been read to.  REALLY!?  I mean holiday times are the best times to read fun stories and bond!

My poor kids... I tie MANY MANY things to reading.  "Want to go outside and play?  Sure, IF you've done your reading."  "Want to climb into bed with me this morning?  Sure... bring a book to read and we'll read together."  "Want to play video games?  How much reading have you done?  That's how much gaming you can do."  (Actually, I know that my kids aren't poor kids for having a mom force stuff like reading on them.  In reality, they are far richer for it.  Bygones...)

But more than that, I plan for fun reading stuff.  Like at Spring Break when we read Stuart Little and then curled up after to watch the movie.  And then he read some Stuart Little Adventures that were his age level.  Or right now, we're doing a whole JAZZ unit because he showed an interest in Louis Armstrong. I've read some biographies to him, some Jazz poetry and some jazz stories.  He's listened to Jazz music at bedtime.  And he's read a biography to himself for his reading time.  When I finish this I am going to go online to see if there is a jazz appropriate type movie for him to watch.  This is how you make reading come alive for kids.  I also have several Doreen Cronin books checked out... for our next unit.  Just fun, silly books that we can then see come alive on the Scholastic DVD that I also got from the library.  I am really thinking of doing something this summer for reading... like a kid reading book club.  Last summer, several of us on the summer swim team read Mr. Popper's Penguins and then went to see the movie in the thearter.  So maybe something like that.  Mulling it over.  (as a side note, the book was FABULOUS!  the movie, fine.)

I just felt like I had a lot to say about reading.  And yes, The Reading Promise, by Alice Ozma did get my fires burning about books.  And if you are in a rut with how to inspire your kiddos to read or what to read... leave me a comment or email me!  I love talking books... especially for kids.  Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Book 21: The Reading Promise

The Reading Promise:  I just finished reading this book.  In fact, I read the ending twice... once for myself and then I read it outloud to LRHB after giving him a brief synopsis on the book.  In fact, he is pestering me right now, because it is time to get ready to go play ball and I am not dressed.  I HAD TO TELL EVERYONE TO GO GET THIS BOOK!  I will return it to the library and you can check it out.  It is moving.  POWERFUL.  Perhaps I feel this strongly because I'm a lover of books.  Passionate about books.  But, my boy put his head on my shoulder, his arm around me and comforted me while I explained the book and he saw that it had moved me to tears.  It is that POWERFUL.  I will be talking about this book, books in general and reading more.  Another time.  Play ball.  Read.  Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Cousin Whom I Love and Adore...

So my cousin is one of those guys that had we lived in the South in the mid 1800's, we'd have probably been married to each other.  Let's call him Cousin Handsome.  There have been many times in my life that I have wished I could be a little bit more like him... more adventurous, more smart, more world traveled, more dedicated, more bald.  Just had to throw that last one in.

Anyhoo, I wouldn't have missed his wedding to the sweetest gal (which sounds so condescending considering how intelligent she is, but she is sweet!) for the world and had a wonderful time reconnecting with the cousins (his siblings) and their families.  That was last October.  Fast-forward to January when Cousin Handsome started sending me his blogs to read.  Yes, it took me a month to get to it.  However, I wouldn't miss them now for the world.  Some of them make me laugh.  Some make me cry.  Some both.  And some just open my eyes to stuff I didn't know about... both about our world and about him.  So I invite you to read... here is the link to his latest!

If you have an extra nickel or two, they are always looking for donations since it is a tax deductible organization.  And might I add, he has the best volunteer proof-reader in the world... MOI!  I mean, since about the beginning of March.   So if you find an error, please let me know (gently... like I gently let Cousin Handsome know that he needed me to fill that volunteer position).  Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 7, 2012

RESOLUTIONS... 18, 19 and 20

YES, I am ambitious this week.  I've been reading over notes and praying for guidance for this little journey of mine.  And that is what stuck out in my mind... it is MY journey.  The rest of you are just along for the fun of it.  So if I want to choose ANOTHER  cleaning resolution, I can.  But I am tired of those as well so I went back to the well.  And read stuff on the Internet that caught my attention about making changes.  I got INSPIRED!  I did.  So here we go:

18:  Take 10 deep cleansing breaths each day.  It lowers the blood pressure.  It clears out the lungs.  It relaxes us.  And some other stuff I forgot about soon after reading it.  I thought it was an interesting little article since when my friends sweet LM's son is having an meltdown (or daughter), I tell her to breathe.  So that is it.  Take 10 DEEP cleansing breaths a day.  Not sure if you need to take all of them at once... I can see that sending me into hyperventilation so I'll let you know what I discover.

19:  Clean the ceiling fans.  Yes another cleaning one.  But it needs to be done so I can use them.  DESPERATELY.  I am afraid to turn them on for the dust that may run amok.

20:  Add a strengthening exercise to your daily routine.  Maybe just some early morning sit-ups to strengthen those abs.  Maybe you want to tone those arms for wearing tank tops.  Just so you know, untoned arms of mine will be sporting tanks ALL SPRING AND SUMMER LONG.  I'm just sayin.  So add a strengthening exercise to your daily routine.  Mine is using the weighted hula hoop I bought after Christmas when I returned the sweatshirt my husband bought me for Christmas.  Then I took the money his mom sent me and got me a REALLY AWESOME hoodie from the college that my son attends.  ROCKIN.  I had started using the hoop a few times a week when the ankle thing happened.  Yes, the ankle thing in January.  I just couldn't do it after that.  Then it got moved.  And moved again.  And I found it in my closet.  So I think I will get it out of the closet and use it.

I am REALLY INSPIRED and I hope you are too!  Have a wonderful week! 

Monday Morning Mayhem

So it is Monday morning and SURPRISE I am running behind.  So I get the Angels loaded to take Teen Boy to school (I mean we're really running behind) and notice that the LRHB doesn't have shoes so he cannot go to the store which is where I was headed next to get flowers for Staff Appreciation Week.  In the end, I got sidetracked by FB during breakfast, barely dressed on time, grabbed flowers from my own birthday bouquet to give to the teacher (and the rest of the teachers will enjoy my breakfast casseroles tomorrow) and out the door on-time to get LRHB to school not at all late but RIGHT ON TIME!  Then to the gas station for fill-up (choke, gasp, wheeze at the cost... sorry those of you in CA) and I still was going to be EARLY to drop off the Boy Angel at Preschool.  OH, LOOK!  The drive-thru Starbuck's that I used to frequent weekly on the way to playgroup/bible study, both, etc. 

So, since I hardly go any more and since I left without coffee, tea, fizzy drink, shake, anything, I decided that a White Chocolate Mocha (nonfat, no whip) would suffice for breakfast until I got back from running errands with the Girl Angel.  I mean milk with sugar is better than nothing, right?!  If only I got that.  I'm not sure WHAT I got, but it wasn't right.  UGH!  Nothing worse than treating yourself to $4 coffee to discover it is NOT what you want and quite not tasty.  So, since I'll be coming back by here after dropping off at preschool, I decide to stop back by and get it made right. I mean, isn't that what they are all about? 

So after the drop-off, I go back and decide I really need to go in to get this fixed... I'm not going to hold up the drive-thru line.  Unload sleeping Girl Angel who wakes up cause she's slept for a good 30 minutes which is a good morning nap (slept right through the drop-off!) and head inside.  I took one more sip to make sure that I wasn't losing my mind, shook the cup a little first and NOPE still doesn't taste right.  And now, almost 30 minutes later, it is cool.  After waiting for the register challenged lady to fix the order before, (print out/void not right, asks other lady a third time how to fix at which point that lady says we'll fix it later), there is now a line starting to back up behind me when there was none when I walked up.  "Can I help you?"  I explain my drink situation and she explains it to the other lady who takes my cup, reads it and disappears.  So register lady says, do I need anything else?  I said, how about some pumpkin bread for my trouble.  She says ABSOLUTELY and gets me some.  At that moment, I am THRILLED with the COFFEE KING:  STARBUCKS.  Didn't taste my drink until I get outside.  Well, the flavor is finally right, sort of.  But it isn't warm.  In fact, near as I can figure out, she just pumped and pumped and pumped the flavor syrup into my drink and put on a new top and handed it back.  So "Can you help me?"  APPARENTLY NOT! 

SERIOUSLY?  They DIDN'T REMAKE MY DRINK?!  Now I have a WAY too sweet, cool cup of coffee.  ICK!  SERIOUSLY!  I didn't go back inside.  I was too ticked off and will attack them through the website.  And through my blog.  What is this?  Revenge because I am watching my pennies, nickels, dimes and dollars and treating Starbucks like the treat my budget can afford, not the daily indulgence?  REALLY?!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  So irked.  $4 crappy cup of coffee.  Monday Morning Mayhem at its best.  Hope your day is off to a better start! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Book 20

So no resolutions to speak of in site.  However, I did finish another fun book by Janet Evanovich:  The Rocky Road to Romance.  I did mix it up a little... first a mystery, now a romance.  And I was with some friends last night and we were discussing the 50 Shades of Gray that everyone seems to have everyone talking.  A friend said her daughter (graduating senior) wanted to read it and so the awesome mom that my friend is did some research first and then read it herself.  "NO" said the mom to the daughter.  And mom read some to her hubby and he said "NO" also.  I told her if she wanted some good clean, fun romance novels for her daughter, she should try out my flavor of the year, Janet Evanovich.  They knew her from her mysteries, but not her romances.  I really think this is a great target audience for these books.  For example, in The Rocky Road to Romance, there is a section where they go at it on the kitchen table.  I completely missed it until there was a reference made to it later.  Oh.  Hmmm.  Had to read between the lines a bit.  So if you have a teen-aged girl looking for something to read that isn't babyish, but rather entertaining, this book is right up there for me.  Enjoy!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Book 19

So I kept having to explain to Teen Boy why I was laughing the other night!  I don't remember if Two for the Dough was as funny as Three to Get Deadly (both by Janet Evanovich), but I even caught myself laughing out loud at they GYM this morning while I was reading!  I was unsuccessful at predicting who and what on this one, but I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  However, that made it so much more entertaining for me!  I definitely finished this one excited again about the series and eager to start the 4th.  But I have other stuff due first, I think, so I gotta figure that out today! 

I've also spent time catching up on my TIVO stuff cause the box was filling up so my reading has slowed down.  And now it is May sweeps so I gotta stay on top of the shows so it may be a bit longer before I post about another book.  Happy MAY!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Do you believe?

"Our God is an awesome God, He reigns from Heaven above,  With wisdom power and love, Our God is an awesome God."

 As we plug our way through Easter Season, I look at my life and how I've dumped the religious devotion I tried so hard to develop during Lent.  I haven't been swimming laps, so no Rosaries.  I guess I could have said it in the car with the swim team this weekend as we drove to an out-of-town meet, but I know Teen Boy isn't in a place where I can do that, out loud.  But didn't do it silently either.  WAIT!  This is not about beating me up, it is about CELEBRATING God and that there are miracles around us every day.  This seems to be the topic of Momastery, a blog that I began reading after one of her postings was re-posted on FB and TOOK OFF!

Anyhoo, this week she is all about miracles.  I got lost there yesterday and I got lost for a little while this morning.  I'm not usually about getting lost on the 'net, but I was blue yesterday and it filled my soul. 

"Our God is an AWESOME GOD!"  Go forth and seek his love and observe his miracles.  Be thankful for your blessings... HUGS!