Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 9 continued...

Or I can postpone finishing tasks tonight by posting some more!   Actually, I am baking muffins for Teen Boy as I had TEN - 10 - boxes of muffin mix in the pantry.  Using what I got!  I also cleaned out 2 kitchen cabinets and added some more items to the next round of donations.  I connected with friends at lunch (yum PF Changs!) which was the best thing I did for my health as I ate several bowls of soup and drank a whole pot of tea.  All that hot, steaminess was so good for my stuffed-up head!

I did have a conversation with College Boy about Lent.  Turns out he is a Giver, not a Doer.  He is giving up all dining hall desserts.  As I had a sneaky suspicion that he was actually living on frozen yogurt, this might be a good thing for him.  I told him we were Doers.  My friend Ria introduced me to that:  Giver vs. Doer.  Love it.  Also read a great blog today about Shaking Off the Bonds of Stuff:  A 40 day plan for Lent (that I am going to save for next year or incorporate into my resolutions) by Shower of Roses (see link under My Blog List).  Can't wait to get the plan from her.  If you'd like "the plan", leave me a comment and I will send it your way when she emails it to me.

Scary mom moment this weekend:  Teen boy swam his 400 IM and achieved his sectionals cut meaning in two weeks he'll head to Wisconsin to swim it again.  YAHOO!  Then he collapsed.  In the boys locker room which is a VERY busy spot during a swim meet and moms CANNOT go in.  Many thanks to Daddy B, a swim dad, and College Boy who was there to watch the swim.  They were able to go in and out and communicate to me Teen boys symptoms, needs, responses, etc.  In the end, we decided it was a migraine that had been building every day without him recognizing his symptoms.  And I was cool as a cucumber mom working through the list of symptoms, dishing out meds, giving orders (get him dressed so we can get out of here and put him to bed in College Boys dorm).  But can I tell you that the idea of sending him far, far away to swim this race again in 2 weeks kinda has me FREAKIN OUT!

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  1. I would like "the plan":) also congrats to teen boy for qualifying. I am proud of you for being cool as a cucumber because I wouldn't have been. Love ya! Feel better soon!