Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some random thoughts on this journey...

So I keep thinking about last week and finishing tasks.  I shopped my big shopping at the end of last week.  One thing I often do, is pile up stuff I get from like SAMS and never put it AWAY right.  It sits on a bench or a bathroom counter until we use it.  So that is another example of finishing tasks I felt compelled to share. 

For me, the 52 weeks, 52 Resolutions are about making small changes all year long to improve my life, my family's life and thereby our overall happiness.  I was happy to go into the bathroom and discover the bulk toothpaste and razors were put away (in my reorganized bathroom!! nothing like patting my own back again and again and again...).  This week's resolution to clean out the car(s) is about making it a quarterly habit.  About coming up with a plan to keep life cleaner, more organized etc.    Good Night Tuesday!

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