Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Wee Bit More From Last Week...

So we never finished the other car, but I plan on attacking it Friday when the kids are all home again.  That worked well whatever day that was last week.  I emerged late yesterday afternoon from the SICK ROOM (first Hero Daddy and then ME with tummy bugs) to discover that my College Boy was reading a book from his shelf.  "What's that?" (duh mom) "Oh you're reading it?  For what?  Just because?  Why yes, I do remember talking to you about it the other day.  I just thought you might choose something more, uplifting.  Good for you!"  He's reading Over a Thousand Hills I Walk With You which is an amazing story of a young Rwandan girl in the days prior to, during and after the genocide of 1994.  I read it with him when he was a sophomore.  But, he's reading.  And I chose my Book & a Movie read for Spring Break with LRHB:  Stuart Little.  I might even con Teen Boy into reading it with us.  Maybe.

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