Tuesday, March 20, 2012

9)  I think I've mentioned a few times that I am lacking in RE time with the last child.  What happened is this:  I signed him up for preschool RE and preschool in the same month.  He promptly got sick soon after starting preschool.  Ultimately he missed like 8 of 11 weeks of school that fall due to constant stomach issues, H1-N1 (which due to round the clock nursing from mom for 72 hours kept him out of the hospital), and secondary infections culminating in a diagnosis of Compromised Immune System keeping him sequestered for 2 full weeks.  Now, this is not a child that was kept free from illness his first 4 years of life.  He was out in public being oooohed and aaaaaahed over at a swim team party at 6 days and at 12 days on the deck for a swim meet and a week after that in the elementary school for a holiday party.  And that just continued.  He was diagnosed as lactose intolerant which cleared up the stomach issues.   But he never made it to one RE class that year.  The following year, I was too afraid of him missing Kindergarten to sign him up for an RE program he probably wouldn't make due to illness.  And this year, I just dropped the ball.

BUT, he does love going to church on Children's Liturgy Sundays so I am thankful for the families that support and run that program.  And we are taking this Lenten season to begin our journey.  He ALMOST has the Lord's Prayer down, but being sick for a week slowed down his progress.  And Teen Boy is busy after missing more than a week of school trying to slowly get caught up so we've not had the prayer time together that I've envisioned, he and I.  But LRHB and I have taken some steps...

Thanks to Stina needing me to return some books, we had some books to read.  One was The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes.  He learned the word miracle doesn't only apply to the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team, but was actually a Jesus term.  It was a great discussion as the story also told of Jesus walking on water.  Again, it was a miracle.  It is available to borrow from St. Patrick's Catholic Church Library, once I return it.  I think learning about Jesus and miracles is a great step on our Lenten Journey.

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