Friday, February 17, 2012

Another day, Another Closet

Somehow, I have imparted on my first grader that it is polite to dress up for parties.  So last Saturday, I sent him to his room to ditch the jammies and get ready to go to a birthday party.  He ventures into his closet and puts on a shirt I swear he wore to Mass last month.  Too small.  Let's go back there buddy and try again.  Too small.  Too small.  Way too small.  8 shirts later, this one will do (the least too small in the bunch!).  Now I have examined his summer clothes... guess what.  Too small.  So, in the very near future (following the taxes), I will be cleaning the boy's closet out, ridding him of all too small items!  Check the kids rooms on Monday, if they are home, and make them try on clothes.  Bribe them with some mid-morning baked treat and make a list of what you will need for the spring/summer!  It's a great (this one's for you LMS) SYSTEM!  I use it in the spring and the fall! 

Update on other things:  When College Boy comes home, an extra trip to the store is required so plan on it.  When you have a house guest that you love dearly leave, make sure someone has cleared out all of the leftover ice cream or it makes a great breakfast.  And a better mid-morning snack.  And when your system is broken, build a new one (still not getting mail.  hmmmm).  And when you have a cold (and you are asthmatic) it is OKAY to take a week off from exercising, and OKAY to sit home on the couch one morning watching TIVO'd shows (eating ice cream).  But then you get back on your healthy system the next day (going to a party tonight so I will finish my sad eating tonight!).  Happy Friday!

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