Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 9: Finishing Tasks

I have much to say today after a weekend off and it will mostly be completely random, but let's start with this week's resolution:  Finishing Tasks.  There are many ways to keep track of things-to-do.  Some have a mental list, some keep it electronically and I keep it in my calendar.  However, I have been hiding my calendar from myself.  Why, you might ask?  I have many unfinished tasks in there, that's why.  That is why this week I am focusing on finishing the items in my calendar and starting next week with a clean slate.  This should be easy to do as I am supposed to be staying home and resting as I now have a sinus infection and I'm on prednisone for my lungs and I don't sleep on that stuff.  So much for bragging about kicking that cold's butt.  And it is hanging over my head like a big boulder to get this stuff done.  And I was going to write more, but teen boy needs my computer.  So I will save the other items for tomorrow when I procrastinate on the items I'm supposed to be getting done.  Happy Monday!

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