Monday, February 6, 2012

Finishing Up & Week 5

Systems + Planning= Money Saving   That's right folks, I used my grocery lists that I keep on the computer, planned meals, purchased what I needed, came home and made meals to freeze and then I was very tired.  Happy, but tired.  So instead of just coming home and putting groceries away, I developed a (buzz word of the week forthcoming) SYSTEM to then make the meals and freeze them so that I have them for the days I work and don't have to worry about it. 

System:  Laundry.  We usually do laundry on Sunday to prep for the week and then another load if needed mid-week.  This does not include sheets, towels,etc.  So instead of wearing said clothes from the baskets all week, I try to get them all folded so that they are put away for the start of the week.    This is what we called an established system that needs tweaking.  Because I usually wait until the end of the day and watch TV and fold in the evening.  However, then both guys are in bed and cannot put away laundry resulting in chaos on Monday (do I have clean... fill in the blank).  So, the new thought is to fold each load as it comes out. 

And STARTING a new week:  I have been really watching what I ate and drank since the first of the year.  It goes hand in hand with my exercising.  However, this weekend, I kinda blew it so this week I am focusing on healthy eating and getting back into the exercise routine.   This means:  Planning and Making time for MOM.  Two things that moms constantly struggle with.  So Resolution Week 5:  Healthy Eating and Making Time to Exercise.  After all, this is about 30 days-ish or 6 weeks-ish into the new year and that is when most resolutions fall off.  I didn't resolve to lose weight and exercise... it has never worked before.  I made a health commitment.  And eating healthy and exercising are 2 components to that goal.  Happy Monday!


  1. Because of your blog, I am trying to find time for 10 minute (or less) workouts. My goal is to collect all the quick workout pages I've pulled from Prevention etc. and put them in one spot and rotate them so I don't get bored. Then when I declare a "10 minutes for me", I grab one and just do it.

  2. ooooh! I like that! That might be a future resolution!