Thursday, February 23, 2012

40 Prayerful Steps... Our Journey for Lent

On Mardi Gras, we had a discussion at dinner regarding Lent and it being a preparation for Easter resulting in me answering a lot of WHY questions.  Why do people give stuff up?  Why do we prepare for Easter?  Why do we have to choose something prayerful to do over Lent?  And then the teenager stopped asking questions and the 1st grader started.  Why, Why, Why?  But seriously, this was a tough discussion as I have been prayerful and doing bible studies these last few years, but I had forgotten to include my family.  Guess that is why I am now reading A Mom After God's Own Heart.  I need some help.  But I digress...

We have pulled out the dried beans and reestablished the BEAN JAR.  I learned about this during Lent last year through Holy Heroes and each time we catch each other being especially kind or thoughtful, we put a bean in the jar.  On Easter morning our dried beans were replaced by Jelly Beans!  Additionally, having done some research about Lenten Activities for Families, we are committed to 40 Prayerful Steps.  I got the idea from Faith and Family Magazine and Daily Blog of Catholic Living, a site I have recently discovered.  I read a feature article, "40 Ways for 40 Days" and amended that to fit our needs.  Today being a snow day, we will likely get in more than one prayerful step, making up for the next two days when we are likely not to get in a prayerful step.  I will also journal our prayerful steps in case you see an idea you'd like to incorporate with your family.  I have decided that I will publish these with a number and a color to distiguish them from the regular posts.  I am really excited about taking this journey with the boys that are home, and when I see College Boy this weekend, I am going to ask him about his Lenten journey.  So look for an update later on what prayful steps we took today!  Happy Snowy Thursday!

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