Monday, February 27, 2012

2)  Sometimes it's the unplanned items that are most dear.  I picked up the 1st grader for a dental appointment.  With much on my plate this week, I sent him to school to order lunch (cheese pizza) not remembering that he would miss lunch while at the dentist (oops).  Anyhow, he says to me that he had to order a vegetarian sandwich for lunch.  A WHAT?!  A vegetarian sandwich.  WHY?  They had the snow day lunch, not the correct by the calendar lunch which had no non-meat items so he was told by the teacher (bless her) to order the sub sandwich and when he arrived at the cafeteria, to tell the lunch ladies that he wanted a vegetarian sandwich.  WHAT IS THAT?  I don't know.  WASN'T THERE CORN DOG ON THE MENU?  Yes, but mom, it's Lent and I can't have a corn dog on Fridays.  I call that a prayerful step on our Lenten journey.

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