Friday, February 10, 2012

Back in the saddle...

I am back in the saddle... I am making (mostly) healthy choices.  And when I choose not (wine for lunch Monday), I get back on my game at the very next meal (hubby:  that's all you're eating for dinner?  Yes, I had a big lunch:  salad, soup and wine, but yeah! no dessert!).  And I did a double work-out on Wednesday thinking I'd be working on Thursday and may not have time to work out.  I didn't work on Thursday and I went and worked out ANYWAY!  Yes, I need to celebrate myself.  In fact, WE ALL NEED TO CELEBRATE OURSELVES!  Sometimes our hubbies remember to celebrate us, but sometimes not (what did you do today?) and our kids celebrate us through actions usually (BIG HUG) not always through words.  So we need our friends to celebrate us (thank you P & L) or we need to celebrate ourselves.

On another front, one kitchen drawer cleaned out.  Connected with friends through lunch and at Bunco (we all need a night out!).  Cleaned through toys ditching broken ones beyond repair, donating those we've outgrown, throwing away garbage mixed in with toys and found 2 shirts belonging to two different kids in the dress up bin.  Not dress up shirts.  Didn't get the mail all week.  Didn't finish the Happy New Year letter.  Gonna have to work on those.

However, I had a great mom moment this week.  My first grader came home with "Valentine's" that they'd made in class for each of us.  They had a sentence telling us why we were his Valentine.  My boy loves to snuggle with me.  Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.  Such a celebration of when we as moms take time to ignore the chores and be with our kids.  Hug your kid today and tell them you love them.  I'm going one better and I'll be hugging my mom and my college boy, too!  Happy Friday!


  1. You are always worth celebrating, Momma Holmes!

    1. And you are too! Thank you for your wonderful comments! It keeps me inspired!