Saturday, February 18, 2012

Book Review Saturday...

An American Heiress, by Daisy Goodwin is a historical fiction novel, nearly 500 pages in length that was thoroughly entertaining.  It was a bit confusing getting the characters straight and (for me) the time period in history, however, by the middle of the book, it was just cruising as I cheered for the protagonist and jeered the antagonist our dear heroine blindly trusted.  I just wanted to yell at her, "That B is setting you UP!!!" at one point, and at another, "Tell her... she needs that information NOW!  She doesn't need you blurting out you LOVE her!"  Oh, the sheer number of pages sounds overwhelming, but it was quite an easy, entertaining read with an ultimately satisfying ending.  I will say that I wouldn't have said that it was how I wanted the book to end, however when we got there, I was happy.  Enjoy!

I feel I must amend my position on a book from last week.  I mentioned that I cruised through You... Again.  Then my mom picked it up and read it.  And we chatted about these two stories, comparing them to the series Debbie Macomber recently completed, "Cedar Cove".  Yeah, the writing in You... Again isn't as good, it really isn't.  And having completed the emotionally compelling Muriel..., I was glad to read something brainless.  However, if you are going to take my favorite author out for a test drive, don't use You... Again as the vehicle.

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