Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One Perfect Word

So I may have mentioned a time or two (and will again) that I love reading Debbie Macomber.  She writes romances that are wholesome and more like a clean daytime drama than a true romance novel.  Now I know why... she gets up at 3:55 am everyday to pray, read the bible and have a conversation with Our Lord.  And she is a prolific writer that has had best sellers.  She is doing something "write" ( a tribute to my Grammy that loved puns!).  My first (evil) thought is, of course she can do that, her kids are grown and out of the house.  Uh, as I read her book, One Perfect Word, I discover she has been doing this for decades.  And I discover she has had tragedy and struggles along the way and yet, she rises each morning to pray, read and have a conversation with God.  Wow.  So that is why I struggled with this week's resolution... I felt like I too should resolve to do this.  However, it is her thing and I need to come up with MY thing.  And I will.  Maybe it will be a system.  Maybe it will be another week's resolution or a Lenten commitment.  I will listen, He will speak, then I will know.  I think.  Maybe.

Anyway, this was a great book and an easy read that I read this past weekend.  Debbie has spent decades choosing a word for the year and this book tells that journey.  Fascinating and inspiring and overwhelming and yet satisfying.  It has questions in the back for a book discussion group and I would read this book again with a group to learn more, ponder and discuss.  This is my recommendation for the week.  Happy reading!

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