Sunday, January 22, 2012


So I finished 2 of the three bathrooms and I did the DEEP cleaning!  I cleaned out my linen closet and my clothing closet.  I have dusted, put out the pictures and gathered a HUGE pile of papers/cards/etc to go through.  I now have 2 bags for donation, 2 empty shelves in my linen closet and an empty drawer in my bathroom.  I also have 8 pillow cases for my SIL pillow case dress project (only 4 if she doesn't want flannel).   In all fairness, I also need to go through one more drawer in the bathroom.  Everything I swept off of the counter and into the drawer yesterday ARE things I want to keep, most with proper places to go.  However, at the time, sweeping them into drawer seemed like the easiest thing to do so I could get the counters cleaned.

However, remember at the beginning of the week when my first resolution for the week was to reconnect with family?  I messed up today.  Happy Birthday to my dear oldest nephew.  I even have a gift.  Did I send it?  Did I call?  UGH!  Focus on the positive... we did remember to call and thank our Great Aunt for the homemade afghan.  So I am now going to work on calling that sweet boy tomorrow and apologizing.

As for this week, I love my reorganized and cleaned bathroom.  And my closet.  And the linen closet.  And the other bathroom.  And my bedroom.  And the dining room I have reconverted into a playroom for my sweet babies that will come to me some days when their momma works.  And I am going to try to keep rolling on this project.  Just like I am watching our pennies and eating breakfast.  3 weeks down, 49 to go.  Have you joined me?

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