Monday, January 9, 2012

Money Monday

Happy Happy Monday!  You will be thrilled to know that over the weekend I had breakfast both days... I do see that I don't eat as much at lunchtime so that seems to be a success.  Week 2:  Resolve to take control of your finances.  I used to be a freak about watching where our pennies went.  Then, I got a job and we had some surplus income so things became more relaxed.  Unfortunately that play money went away 7 years ago, but we forgot to stop playing.  And the kids got older, the expenses increased and increased (preschool, sports, birthday party gifts, SAT's, AP tests...), but the income remained the same (please, do not ever think that you will have surplus income when your kids are out of diapers... it just gets spent in other ways!).  So in 2012, I am taking CONTROL!  First stop, or not as the case may be, is Starbucks.  I got my own fancyish coffee machine at home.  Starbucks will return to its former and rightful place in my life as a TREAT.  Don't get me wrong, they kick the @#$% out of my coffee.  But I've got to start someplace.  Everyone has a Starbucks in their life... it used to be a treat, but now its a habit.  Maybe its your nails.  Or a massage.  Or an afternoon soda run during Sonic Happy Hour.  And you can keep it if you are flush with money.  If you are saving for tomorrow, have no credit card debt etc, you can keep your money draining habit.  But right now, in my world, with one in college, one prepping for college and a Starbucks habit, things must change.  Sigh.  BIG sigh.

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