Monday, January 30, 2012

Finishing last week

My New Year's letter is almost done.  However, this is about one change at a time.  I can work on it this week (and next, maybe I should call it my Happy Valentine's Day letter) and then get it out.  I am committing to a year of connecting.  Just like a year of cleaning out.  I found a new spot... my computer.  Old word documents.  Horrid pictures.  Empty files.  1500+ things dumped into the recycle bin and then just dumped!  So satisfying!!!  With the money issue, I am staying out of the store and eating what we have at home.  The old me would have run out to the store to grab ground beef last night when the hubby declared a craving for hamburgers.  Nope, let's see what we have in the freezer and go from there (I must admit, having a brace on my leg for my ankle sprain does help in this area... I got the message, God, you don't need to really give me anymore injuries).  Of course, the flip side of that is that between us, Mike and I bought 8 boxes of girl scout cookies (at least we know where our money is going!).  Bless his heart, he bought 4 for his college boy.  I bought college boy one, teen boy at home and I ate one and 2 for the troops (give, give, give!).  So now I will give the other to teen boy at home since daddy bought 4 for the college boy and wants all the credit.  He can have it.

I am still in an internal debate about this week... more later.

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