Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I do love to read.  I was that kid during summer vacations that would check out a huge stack of books from the library each week.  And I love reading with my kiddos.  I have done "book club" with middle schoolers, perused new topics to keep up with my high schoolers and I am enjoying the adventures in the Magic Tree House books again with my youngest.  However, I discovered that I hardly took time out to read what I wanted, unless at my mom's or travelling solo.  So LAST YEAR, I made a resolution to read, for pleasure, for myself.  And I did.  Mostly all books by a wonderful author, Debbie Macomber.  She writes daytime drama without the smut and icky tragedy.  Romance and family and entertainment.  She just finished the 12th book in her Cedar Cove series and this weekend, so did I.  I think I have now read just about everything she's ever wrote. 

This year, I decided to branch out and try some NON-FICTION or other genre.  First up, Bossypants by Tina Fey.  Now, I don't watch 30 Rock, but I had been interested in reading her biography.  After chuckling over some comments on Rachel Held Evan's blog, I got online and requested it from the library.  Girlfriends, this book was a real, laugh out loud, belly shaking book and I finished it (thanks in part to the sprained ankle I am now sporting) in less than 48 hours.  Quick, easy read, but a mouth like a sailor, so be forewarned.  However, as I am a HUGE proponent of laughter is the best medicine, keep it in mind when a friend is having surgery, loses their job or spills some milk. ;)  My friend, Stina, has collected 23 books around her house to read/finish reading this year (you go girl) and I think that tomorrow I will collect those around the house that I have been meaning to read.  First of all, I can't get to the library easily and I am out of the books I picked up at the library the other day (did I mention that I sprained my ankle in the library parking lot... true story).  Pick up a book, read yourself a story and let me know how that goes!

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  1. You are doing just fine with blogging so don't be your worst critic. You know what matters and what is important to you and it will be great to look back on and see the changes that have occured. Do you have the downloadabe thing (I think it's called e-books) from the library out where you are? That may be an option. Keep at it girl!