Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So I had EVERY intention yesterday to start on my reconnect resolution.  But it didn't happen.  Not at all.  I did find myself into the resolution I'd chosen (in my mind) for the following week SO I am switching plans!  Sorry.  Not that it really matters to anyone.

Week 3 Resolution:  Take back your home!  One room, one drawer, one surface at a time. 
Step 1:  Reclaim my bedroom.  It stores all of my old PC stuff from when I was a consultant.  It has boxes of pictures (family) that hung in the last home.  Mind you, in December we celebrated 10 years in this house.  I think I am truly afraid that if I hang the pictures, something will happen and we'll have to move.  And I will have to take them all back down and repaint the walls.  Let's be honest, the walls that I would hang them on need to be repainted if we move, so what difference would some picture holes make?  Nevertheless, they are going back out to the garage.  Until my mom comes next month and then we'll tackle what to do with those 2 boxes then.  I have boxes of scrapbooking stuff for making my boys albums.  I remember going to a scrapbooking session... 7 years ago.  Yet, it is right there waiting for me.  Out to the garage with you too!  And the boxes of pictures and articles about my amazing children that have been printed in the last 6 years are going out to the neverland of the garage to await a week (this year!) when I tackle them one box at a time.  What else... of course it was the wrapping station for the holidays so all of the rolls of paper, 8 sharpees, 3 rolls of tape, boxes, receipts, trash, etc. all sit on the table waiting for something... someone rather to come along and make sense of it.  All of the boxes sit below the table.  You mean not everyone has a 6 foot table set up in their bedroom to store stuff on and under?  REALLY!  It is my craft table.  Mind you, I don't craft there, ever.  First of all, I don't craft.  So I guess it was my scrapbook table.  Yeah, right.  Remember, seven years have passed without a scrapbooking moment.  So it is the junk all.  NO LONGER...

It started like this... young one has just a few minutes before bedtime routine is to start.  Really, like 45 minutes.  He has earned an extra Xbox game and is taking advantage of a quiet evening to claim it.  No swim practice.  No carpool duties.  What to do... cannot be on the computer as it is homework time for the teen-boy.  Kitchen, cleaned up.  Okay.  Ah yes, laundry needs to be folded.  Only, there is only like 2 loads to fold, so that goes by in no time at all (love the "pray for the child you are folding for" tip that Stina gave me and I still employ).  Hmmm.  My clean clothes are piled on my dresser so I move to put them away and discover money (yahooooo), 8 buttons, Christmas jewelry, pens, iron on numbers, books, other jewelry, a hairband and 2 scrunchies (yes, I still use them... wearing one now).  Wow... its cleared off for the first time since..... no I didn't dust it, but really, you can actually see the top now.  Hmmmm boy still playing game... well, let's look at what is on that table, really.  Three hours later (taking time out to do the bedtime routine and several chapters of the latest Magic Tree House book - 17), I am showered and laying in bed looking at a CLEANED OFF TABLE AND DRESSER. And all of my clothes are hung up in the closet.  And the closet has been organized with all of the holiday apparel put away until next fall.   How did that happen?  I simply started.  One surface at a time.  One closet at a time.

This morning, I reorganized the front hall closet (that is where all the wrapping paper stuff goes among other stuff) as I had taken all of the reorganized wrapping supplies and gift bags, etc. out to the family room last night knowing that I would have to do something with it in the morning and since I was driving to 5:30 am practice, I would have time in the morning.  20 minutes later, it was done.  Mind you, there is a pile of stuff now in the downstairs bedroom that came out of the closet, but I have 3 weeks before that room has to be ready... plenty of time.  One closet at a time.  Join me.  It feels AMAZING AND AWESOME AND EMPOWERING!!!

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  1. I'm so glad that you are still using that, because I struggle to remember to pray for my family during laundry. Ugh.