Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Where does my money go?  Do you know?  I do know that one of my credit cards now will show you exactly where and what it is spent on.  My husband doesn't know.  He can't believe how much I spend on groceries.  "Too much money is spent on fresh produce," he says.  "Why aren't we having salad tonight?"  is another Mikeism.  Really, honey, you are such a contradiction.  He has no idea that I want to spend more on fresh stuff later this year and join a CSA (more on that another week).  So this month, I am keeping every receipt.  I am writing down every meal (even what I am packing for school lunches) so I will know if/where the excess is when purchasing food.  I know where one is... soda.  But I cannot fight every battle all at once, so this week, when I am devoting time to being money aware, I am writing down what we eat.  As I ran to the grocery store first thing this morning for yogurt, I thought, I should have planned better.  Planning may be another week.  Have a fabulous Tuesday.

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