Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Last night I had a wonderful chat during swim carpool with my 7 year old about resolutions.  He knows what his dad's is (its the same every year... big diet) and I told him he needed to think about what his resolution would be.  I had been thinking about it and was ready to prompt him with some ideas that I would like him to work on.  However, the smart guy beat me to the punch.  "I have one.  I will brush my teeth twice a day instead of just one.  It is something I should do, but I don't."  True enough.  We are going to put up a chart and aim for 2 stickers every day.  30 days of double stickers equals a date to the movies.  I mean, adults reward themselves for achieving resolutions, so why shouldn't I reward him.  Plus, at the end of the month he goes to the dentist; I am praying for an appropriate natural consequence!  Do your kids make resolutions?  Do you make them for them?  Breakfast today, Fiber One Bar and coffee.

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