Monday, January 23, 2012


I will reconnect with family, friends, my community.  So later today I will connect with the sweet nephew.  And this week I will send out the Christmas cards that I haven't finished.  I am now calling them New Year's Cards.   I  have already updated my address "book" and that is ready to go!

I feel awful because a mom in our community has been battling a brain tumor and I just found out YESTERDAY.   I am on the see-saw... feel bad that I was so caught up in my world (down)... feel alright because now I know and I can help (up)... feel bad that I wasn't connected (down)... feel good because I am now praying (up)... feel sad that there isn't a meal slot or helping slot for me to do my part (down)... feel optimistic that I will be able to help in the future (up).  Anyone else on the see-saw with me?  How do I get off?  And how do I keep this from happening again?

Family today (nephew, cousin, MIL), tomorrow...
Happy Monday and someone help me off the see-saw.

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