Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 17: Clean the Bedding...

This will be another thing to add to the chart when I get around to making the chart.  Clean the bedding.  Wash that comforter and the blankets.  Wash the pillows.  Flip the mattress.  Replace flannel sheets with regular sheets for the rest of the Spring.  Might it still snow?  Sure.  But that is what winter jammies are for!  I've already started in my room... replaced the sheets and laundered the blanket/comforter.   Didn't do the pillows, but there is still time left in the day!  Next up... some kid's room.  Probably the room of the kid home sick today.  And, no, when I spring cleaned the rooms dusting and vacuuming and throwing out stuff and clearing out other stuff, I didn't do the beds. In the immortal words of Ria's girl:  "Uh, Sorry!"  (gotta picture a cutie-patootie 2.5 yr old with the attitude and head toss of a teenager!).

Happy Monday!

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