Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week 16: Clean the Laundry Room

So I went into the laundry room last night and discovered water all over the floor.  That was just the way to cap off the day.  I had been postponing the Laundry room clean-out until I could have some teen or college boy help.  Nope, looks like I'm on my own.  So I am changing this week and gonna get back in there this morning and clean it up.  It actually looks like teen boy may have overloaded the washer with towels.  And the filter (that I found last night) had a penny stuck in it and it's not that big so I'm secretly hoping it is one of those two things.  HOWEVER, I discovered that the dryer vent was not securely attached to the back of the dryer resulting in copious amounts of dust under the washer, dryer, along the back of the walls behind them... Happy Tuesday!

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