Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So its been a long day and in theory I should just wait until tomorrow to post, but tomorrow will come with its own challenges so... here we go.

Today Teen Boy had a 5 am swim practice.  I was up at 3.  Not just because I was afraid I'd sleep through my alarm, but because of the hurricane force winds blowing my little house to pieces.  Well, fortunately it wasn't my house, just our outside toy storage unit.  Door blew off, stuff started to blow out, then it blew over preventing anything else from blowing out.  I considered going out and "fixing it" in the blowing snow,  but I decided it had fixed itself and went back to the warm bed.  Tick, tick, tick. blow, blow blow.  Finally, the alarm went off, not really waking me as I was awake.  I was waiting for the text saying it would be a 2 hour delay meaning NO PRACTICE.  I did get a text... it was from the local news about a house fire.  REALLY?!  REALLY?! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?  IT WASN'T SPREADING, THEY WEREN'T EVACUATING PEOPLE!   Contemplating complaining about it.  Anyhow, the text came... not the district, but another swim mom.  Now Teen Boy is up and I'm on the computer and FINALLY we get the news that it is a 2 hour delay.  Send out email.  Send out text.  Go back to bed.  Finally fall asleep.  WHAT?!  It is 7 am and LRHB is EXTREMELY upset about the toy storage unit in the back yard.  He wants me to go out and fix it.  I assure him that it hasn't changed since 3 when it happened (without opening my eyes) and invite him to crawl in bed since we now don't have school... not sure when I learned that.  No.  I peek open an eye and discover he is dressed.  "No, honey, no kids are coming, no school.  Climb in bed with me and I'll order you a PAY movie".  Seriously, at 7 am I ordered him "Hop" and he watched it.  At some point he fed himself a granola bar.  Right before ordering the movie, I clicked for Bedtime Stories to tape (dating myself) record on some other channel.  So when one finished, he got up and ate another granola bar and played.  Then he came back in yammering about something.  "Dude, Mommy was up for like 2 hours in the middle of the night and she is still tired... how about another movie?"  Yes, I am awful.  But he really likes Bedtime Stories and I doze as he laughs and laughs.  Finally, I emerge from a sleep state and decide I am hungry.  Mmmm, Mini-Saltines for breakfast, in bed.  I am sure I will find the crumbs when I climb back into bed tonight.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  Worse, I am afraid that Hero Daddy will find them too since LRHB was in his side of the bed also eating mini-saltines.  I must say, if you've not tried them, they are ridiculously addicting!

Once the next movie finished, I dominated LRHB in Risk and Jukem, took him to the batting cage and we went online to look at the Worldbook Online Kids site and the interactive maps so he could see where his grandparents are currently.  I've mixed up 3 cakes to cook tomorrow as I am having the swim team here for dinner.  I've also made (from scratch) red pasta sauce for dinner tomorrow (Pepperoni Spaghetti) and ran to the grocery store.  We had soup for dinner (perfect on a freezing day) and baked cookies.  LRHB and Teen Boy watched "Hop" after dinner while I went and biked 10 miles at the gym.  Looking around, I need to clean up, run the dishwasher and finish the last chapter of my book (I did get some reading time in).  But I want everyone to know that I did not spend the Snow Day (in April, no less) working on this week's resolution.  I hope everyone had a Happy, Snowy and Cold Tuesday!

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