Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I mentioned that I volunteered at Prom last weekend.  I think it is truly an honor that the administration allows parents to help out at such a special event.  And since I don't have girls, it fills something in me to see the young ladies I know so dressed up.  I worked the ticket table at the front.  I worked with two other moms I've known for years.  They both have 2 boys the same ages as Teen Boy and College Boy.  So they like to see the girls too!  One glaring difference, their sons both took dates while mine was at home doing...

Oh the dresses... BRIGHT BRIGHT colors this year.  One young lady had on what I called the Sleeping Beauty dress... it was like the dress-making fairies couldn't decide on blue or pink.  One VERY popular style was what we at the door dubbed "the mullet" dress.  SHORT and tight in the front and LONG and flowy the back.  So I tried googling images so I could find one to show you... a gazillion prom dresses and none in the style we'd seen so many girls wearing!  2 years ago I worked the coat check with these same 2 moms.  That was the year that one young lady wanted to coat check her boobies.  Seriously, she held them out to me to check and I went to get her bag for her to put them in.  Apparently, once she started dancing and sweating a bit, they began to shift.  We had a field day with that story that night!  Heck, we're still enjoying it!

I was trying to think about what we'd be chuckling about from this Prom in two years.  We did love the look on one administrator's face when one young lady came in wearing (almost) a short lacy strapless scrap of fabric that looked like it would shred in a strong wind.  We died laughing at the administrator's face, but then had to control ourselves as the scantily dressed young lady and her date approached our table.  The Mullet Dress (one of the first girls I knew and I told her to try to pull it down in front!).The group of guys (not from our school) all in white with sherbet colored vests (they had dates with young ladies from our school).  Or the young lady who asked a professional hockey player to be his date (if he'd seen her dressed up at Prom, he'd have been rethinking that decision!).  But I think what's we'll remember most is the Prom King; he is a special need young man at our school and the kids launched a campaign to elect him King.  He was so proud... I'll bet he still hasn't taken the crown off.   I guess for me, not having anyone in attendance, my favorite moment was when the young woman that College Boy is VERY good friends with came in (with a group of friends) and she let me take her picture and text it to him.  His response:  WOW.  Loved it.

I love the fact that unlike when I went to Prom (a million years ago), if you didn't have a date, you didn't go.  The students at our high school enjoyed coming in a group either paired up or not!  Kudos to them.  If prom has come and gone, than graduation is right around the corner... and then I'll have a Senior.  Again.  Time is just slipping away...

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