Monday, April 16, 2012

I Cannot Believe It Is Week 16

Seriously, I've been doing this for 15 WEEKS!  Well on my way to accomplishing my New Year's Resolution to do 52 resolutions in 52 weeks!  I am in a "mood" today.  Melancholy, I guess you'd say.  Or now that I looked that up I am thinking that reflective might be a better word.  For several reasons...
1)  I read a blog that my cousin the CEO writes and I learned a lot about his college experiences that I didn't know.  We both went off to college just a year apart and that was kinda when we lost in my world and he and his world and yet I wish I'd been there for him more.  Of course, that was before the world of email and FB.  And today, we've exchanged a few emails and each time I think of his blog, I get teary.  And his really kind words, too, today have made me teary.  Especially about something mean that was said to me 6 months ago.  Which also makes me happy/sad if ya know what I mean.
2)  I had a get together with a friend that I hadn't seen since January.  I kinda dropped off the face of the earth (or out of her world at least) and had received a couple of texts that in my world I hadn't replied to because it wasn't good in the moment and then I forgot.  Until last week when her text brought it to my attention that I had fallen far, far away and needed to connect.  I shared some stuff (that I haven't shared here) and we recalled some other sad stuff that happened to a mutual friend.  Don't get me wrong, it was SO GREAT to see her, but we talked about some heavy stuff. 
3) I read an emotional poem/post on FB this morning that started my day off in my teary mood.  It was a great read, really, but it reminded me of how each day is a struggle for some people while the rest of us march around a bitch'n and a moan'n about some really petty stuff.
4)  And I have another friend who is really on my mind because her husband was diagnosed with Cancer, but we don't have a plan yet.  She's already had 2 Cancer scares this year so it seems unfair (yeah, yeah, life ain't fair) that they are going through this again this year that we are only HOW many months into?
5) I have another friend that just found out her high schooler may have a drug problem and is really struggling how to deal with it and doesn't know who she can trust to be non-judgemental and doesn't know what steps to take to help them and is really overwhelmed. 
6)  Today was the first week I was scheduled to volunteer in my son's class that I had to find a replacement for because I am working full-time now.  That really sucks for me.  I love my time in his classroom and I don't get to do it for the rest of the year and that really makes me sad.  I hope he knows how much I love him and how much I miss not being there with him.
7)  Last Monday was our last bible study and I am sad knowing that it will be September before this wonderful group of ladies will be together again.  We are doing a summer "study", but we don't meet for 6 more weeks.

Okay, so that is what got me on this reflective path... now I am going to use my POWERS for good, not any more boo-hoo-hoo blah blah blah. 

1)  In January, I resolved to Eat Breakfast, Take Control of Finances, Take Back My House 1 Room at a Time, Reconnect and Create Systems to Improve Your Life.  I eat breakfast daily now.  I can only think of twice I've missed.  I have made some great steps in the finance department and it remains a work in progress.  I continue to try to clean out one drawer, one closet, one toy bin, at least one, each week.  I think last week it was cleaning out my old tool box and moving the tools to my new tool box (thanks mommy and daddy!).   Reconnect... I mailed gifts to two of my oldest and dearest friends (for no reason), a birthday card to my niece (late) and SIL (early) and a 1st Communion gift (early), last Friday.  And that long missing friend have resolved not to wait another 3 months to see each other!  Systems... the shredder in the box and the stuff that needs to be shredded is a system that is working.  Now, when kids leave lights on in their rooms, they shred for me.  But that box never seems to get gone.  Getting the mail, weekly keep-up cleaning in the baths, not really working.  Exercising when I have time and not at a set time, working (a non-system if you will).  It wasn't the best resolution.  I'd have been better off resolving to get the mail which is what I need to get done, but don't.  Goes back to what I said about having less specific goals to meet the needs of the masses.  My 52 Weeks.  MY 52 Resolutions. 
2)  In February, it was Healthy Eating & Exercising, Get the Taxes Done, Prepare for Lent, and Finishing Tasks.  Not only did I recommit to exercising through my injury, but I continue to eat healthier... check out my other blog to see how that's going:
I got the taxes done.  Let's get them submitted this week!  I am happy with the journey my family took through Lent and I am committed to carrying through that devotion to faith through the rest of the year.  Finishing Tasks.  Yes, I finished those tasks.  But I need a SYSTEM to stay on top of it regularly.  But (trying for positive here) I did clean up after the last 3 parties that evening, not leaving work for the next day. 
3)  In March, my resolutions were to Clean Out the Cars, Choose a Good Book to Read, Take Inventory of Your Health and Spring Clean the Kids Bedrooms.  Okay, so only one car actually got vacuumed.  But the food boxes got restocked and the junk got taken out.  College Boy made a stab at a Spring Break read, LRHB read the whole series, finishing this weekend, Teen Boy read stuff, but is still working on the book we chose, I read books but not the one I picked out and LRHB and I did read Stuart Little and watch the movie together.  I also have started a spreadsheet of the books I've read this year and which ones I still want to get to (and added another one yesterday!).  I am taking my multi-vitamin daily.  And I started a 30 Day Fitness Challenge (read my blog!)  I was doing better on the calcium, so I am going to change that up, too.  Kids bedrooms, done.  One kid got his closet done, one didn't.  Close.

So I am going to wrap up, in a better spot than where I started, and go get my LRHB. 
Week 16:  Make a Household Chart - things that need to get done - and post it and use it.

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