Thursday, April 19, 2012


Seriously... girlfriends are the secret to a happy person, I honestly believe that!  I had to go out and make new friends after the LRHB arrived.  I mean, I needed some friends that had had kids in this century.  And I am so glad I did because now I have even more wonderful ladies surrounding me and many (not all) of them were with me last night.   I admit (although Jovial K you didn't hear it from me) that we never rolled a die, but we laughed and shared and giggled and commiserated and ate. Oh did we eat.  And laugh.  It makes me smile and it makes up for the short sleep night because the happy vibes just keep on playing in my mind today!

I had to bring a dessert.  I mean, I signed up to bring a dessert.  I had a choice.  (It was on the list, right?  inside joke).  And I have this dessert that is always a hit that has chocolate chip cookie dough crust, pb mixed with powdered sugar layer and melted chocolate on top.  I mean YUM!  Of course while baking the crust I got sidetracked and it over-cooked.  Fortunately, cookie mixes were one of the items we made at last month's cooking extravaganza so I was able to pull that out and try again.  I thought seriously about changing, but I had already bragged on my dish and someone had told me it sounded so yummy to them.  Just TELL ME you made a peanutbutterychocolate dessert already!  I mean, I can flex, go with the flow, change plans... So we had more than one peanutbutterychocolate dessert and I had none of mine and two pieces of hers. Seriously!  It had oats in it and lately oatmeal has been calling my name!  Of course, no one complained about having so very many desserts!

Today has been busy, but I just wanted to stop by and share that time spent with girlfriends laughing is time that rejuvenates and keeps on renewing the spirit in the days that follow... get out and spend time with your girlfriends today!  Happy Thursday!

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