Sunday, April 8, 2012

24)  LRHB and I went online and read the scripture and looked a the pictures from Shower of Roses:  Our 4th Annual Holy Thursday Tea (  I explained that people celebrate Easter in many different ways and that this was one way.  I think he was interested and yet perplexed that people celebrate things like Holy Thursday.

25, 26, 27, 28)  The guys and I made Resurection Cookies.  If you know what it is, skip ahead while I explain for the rest of the crowd.  Using scripture to accompany the recipe, we make cookies while Christ is crucified and put into the cave (the oven).  Then we have to wait for the next day to open the oven, and discover that the cookies are empty, just like Jesus' cave.  I must say I did something wrong cause our cookies, not so empty.  Of course LRHB doesn't know it because one quick move from mom and it WAS empty. 

29-40)  As I looked back across our Lenten Journey, I discovered that unlike in the last week, when two or more of us had been walking together (reading together, praying together), I'd only counted it as one step when (like Palm Sunday) we all took that step.  So going back through the entries of our journey that I had posted, I discovered that I had missed 11 steps, bringing us to 40.  Now some of you might feel like I am trying to justify not doing more during Lent.  However, I would like to say that it seems pretty divine that I got to exactly 40 when going back through.  At dinner we recapped a bit of our Journey.  Teen Boy and I didn't learn the Apostles Creed, but I did learn/memorize Genesis and the Lord has put a different burden on TB right now to contend with, so it's okay that he didn't get there.    LRHB did master the Our Father.  College Boy not only gave up dessert in the dining hall, but pizza, hamburgers and quesidillas, too.  These were the foods he'd been sustaining himself with so far this year and felt that during Lent he would learn to make different, healthier choices.  And in his sacrifice, he felt better.  I hope that your family has enjoyed a holy journey to Easter.  Every family must make a choice for their own family about what a Lenten Journey should look like.  I am happy with our family's committment to Lent this year and I am hoping that it will sustain us through the rest of the Easter Season and in fact that we are committed to more prayer throughout the year.  Happy Easter.

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