Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And the week goes on...

So, I may (or may not) have mentioned that back in January I started working part-time.  I am doing some home day care.  Most people groan when they hear that so much so that I dread saying it.  But I do say it with enthusiasm and I tell people that it is the job that I was born to do.  When the little one falls asleep in my arms, I feel like I've died and gone to heaven.  And I have a new little boy to teach games to and read to in the early afternoon so I miss my LRHB's baby days, a little less.  What people should know about me is that I'd have filled the gap from the first 2 to the last if I could have.  But God wants me to love many other children on my life journey.  That's my story and I'm stickin to it.  It's a funny story how we ended up where we are because my friend (let's call her The Angels' Mom) called for advice on how to turn down an interview and I was sad.  I thought she was calling to ask about me watching her kiddos.  But I took a giant leap of Faith and told her that.  And that's how this came about.  A story with a happy ending.

About a month later, she was approached about covering a maternity leave in the spring.  We discussed it at our house, she discussed it at her house and we all came to the place that we'd give it the old college try.  I was supposed to start next week.  I should have known that this baby would come early.  But when I got the phone call from The Angels' Mom last Monday (and she asked if I was sitting down and I said no time to sit, just give it to me) telling me that the baby was on its way and we were starting full-time the next day, I had a bit of a panic moment of all the things I'd planned to do during the next two weeks.  The Lord saw fit to give me a Snow Day the next day to get organized (and we all know that I didn't use it that way AT ALL!), but last Wednesday we started full steam ahead.  I think one of the reason that this is such a good fit is the give-n-take relationship The Angels' Mom and I have.  We're both flexible and have such a huge respect for the other (well, that's how I FEEL, I think that's how she feels).  Anyhow, she was also able to give me 2 days off this week to finish up commitments and a half day last Friday (to get College Boy), but now I think the breaks are over and we're on until school gets out.  And I am really at peace with it; it just feels right.  I was headed somewhere with this... where, where, where?

I remember... it has to do with enjoying the moments with our kids.  IF I had known that I was going to start working almost immediately following Spring Break, my break would have been very different.  I'd have shopped and cleaned more and played less.  I AM SO GLAD I DIDN'T KNOW!  We all needed that play time and I appreciate that we had it.  The following blog made me remember my Spring Break fondly, not with the panic that I had last Monday:  Following the call (while embedded in the panic) I headed to the gym where I pedaled that bike like the devil himself was chasing me and sweet LM got a good chuckle out of me and talked me down (thank you so much for that!  I am sure I never said it!).  But yesterday, my last "free day", instead of finishing the cleaning, I headed to the baseball batting cages to pitch to LRHB.  I enjoyed the moment and he enjoyed me being me (even if that meant I forgot to pick up Teen Boy and his friend after swimming!).  And isn't that what it's all about?  Happy Wednesday!

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